A space in the Oven


The Shala seems to be getting busier than ever, Sunday I got the last spot in the opposite corner to where I usually like to be, the one mat wide zone with walls front and back. The yellow wall in front has a strange hypnotic effect resulting in crappy unassisted UHP balances. It seemed slightly cooler at ground level for seated, Supta K on my own and again managed the Dwi Pada exit into Titibhasana , alas my arm still doesn’t yet have the strength or range to complete the exit via Bhkasana. .

Pasasana is binding again at last despite the late night World Cup chocolate diet. A cooling spray as I was setting up for Salabhasana, my neighbour was watering for Garbha, missed spraying her leg and got me in the face 🙂

Stamina is still lacking, I’m wrecked by closing, backbends remain a work in progress. Still a strong practice again.

I decided to get in a midweek practice today, I’ve not done that in a while. Again luckily bagged the last spot, this time in front of the teachers station, no hiding place! But lots more help, Trikonasana B, then PPC and UHP, my balance is still crap for some reason lately, so I was glad when Emma came to the rescue. It was a sauna in there, there was a waterfall running off my elbow in Ardha Badha balance.

Seated help in Tiriang Mukha, Mari A and H had me bound in Supta K before I had chance to experiment, at least they all seem to find it easy to put me in it and Dwi Pada exit again, soooo much fun being able to do that again.

That chalk ball earns it’s corn on days like this, not only for backbends but it helps my hands keep a hold in Bhekasana, H assists that differently to Louise, she seems to jam my hands on the feet, but H is more in to lifting the chest up as I struggle to hold on.

Rubbish UD’s, I just had no energy left and no playing around with hang backs, Louise came straight over, the twisting right habit seems to be back from the prodding of my hips, but great to get that assistance.

Another good practice, but much more tiring, the heat is great at helping opening the body, but also saps the energy more quickly it seems.

Great to have breakfast with Susan after, guarding our breakfast as we sat outside, an ashtangi was mugged by a seagull for his croissant a couple of days ago!


2 Responses to “A space in the Oven”

  1. Nico Says:

    Great to hear it’s finally coming back together after such a long recovery. 🙂

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