We have had David Garrigues visit the sticks again, though I didn’t do any of it, my arm isn’t ready for 10 minute Chaturanga. I did go to watch the end of the Mysore class on moon day Friday and was delighted to run in to fellow blogger Grimmly, after 6 years of commenting chatting via the blogosphere.

The benefit of getting in that mid week practice was today’s relaxed, strong, bendy practice, more regular heat and help make such a difference. Two DD squashings in the Surya’s, Trikonasana A & B, Louise opens that left shoulder up and the rest of it seems to flow from there, PPC assist opens the shoulder the other way, the physiotherapist certainly can’t say my shoulders not getting enough exercise.

All the seated binds are back now, it seemed to be a day of getting squashed, Paschimottanasana and then Louise had me repeat Baddha Konasana to squash me flat. Makes me wonder if they have an adjustment theme of the day!

Pasasana now the first side fingers overlap but can’t quite dock, surprisingly the second side is bound, despite it in theory being the bad side for my shoulder. Another super a Bhekasana assist.

Urdva Dhanurasana is coming, my hands are not sliding quite so much now, just getting off the ground was hard enough, but I’ve gained more strength and on number 4 I managed an almost proper straight armed one. Having been dropback assisted in the week I could feel how much easier it was today, more rainbow than table.


Off for some Ashtanga tourism to Lisbon tomorrow, my first trip in a year, Isa kindly invited me to do Dena’s workshop on Saturday, so I’m off to practice at Casa Vinyasa for a few days before Dena comes, heat and help a few days in a row. I met Isa in Mysore when she was assisting Sharath, those wonderful Supta K assists, it will be nice to practice with her again in her own Shala.


4 Responses to “Squashed”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Wow, Casa Vinyasa looks like a banqueting hall. Boa viagem.

  2. Caroline Scott Says:

    Saw on David Garrigues FB page that he’d be in your neighborhood, pity you could make it, I would love to practice with him! Enjoy Lisbon, it’s such an amazing city, sure you will have an awesome time in, and around, the shala!

  3. Caroline Scott Says:

    Oops typo – meant pity you couldn’t make it.

    • globie Says:

      I did some of his workshop last year, but at this stage in my recovery I prefer to do Mysore practice with teachers I know. Led with Dena should be ok as I’m used to her methods and teaching style.

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