Yoga and Belem

Lisbon is lovely city to come and practice, very scenic, very hilly, but with excellent cheap public transport and the sun is shining. The Shala is only a 5 minute walk from the Hotel.


Day 2 at Casa Vinyasa, a lot busier today, but lots of adjustment and advice still from Isa and Anna. My practice is taking a lot longer in this environment, nearly 2 and 1/2hrs today. The usual assists in standing PPC and UHP. Seated help again in Tiriang M, Mari C and Isa’s trademark Supta K assist, it’s worth coming here just for that! Supta Konasana Isa reminded me to widen the feet, I’m so used to not having space at AYL that I automatically have my feet only mat width apart, but the up and over is so much easier with wider legs.

Casa Vinyasa

Another intense backbend session, I’d already made sure the Salabhasana and Bhekasana were as open as I could make them, Isa had me doing UD with the blocks again before we got to dropbacks, it makes such a difference getting this assistance every day rather than once a week. Her method of not having straight arms going back is making the upper back bend much deeper, which takes the intensity out of the lower back, by number 6 I was half expecting to see my feet.

I actually remembered all of closing today, Savasana is probably where I’m taking longer than usual, for one thing there’s nobody waiting either to start or finish and two there’s no clock in sight, I can’t remember seeing a clock in there, so no idea how long I’m having, I only moved today when Isa’s baby wanted her mum.


The Hotel serves breakfast until nearly 11am, so even with a long practice, a chat after and the walk back I’m still in time, mini pain au raisin and chocolate croissants go down a treat after all that effort.

This afternoon I did some sightseeing, I took the train to Belem to see the Tower and the Monument of the discoveries, walked miles and caught the sun.

From Casa Vinyasa to Casa Chocolate


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