Garbha with sunburn

More street art

Casa Vinyasa was pretty busy today, another good practice with adjustment in the right places. Being Friday it was primary only, but Mysore style which still suits me better with my arm taking time to get in to some of the seated postures.

Mari A assist which seems to help the next 3 be much better, Supta K left to my own devices, after I had got stuck in Bhuja, I couldn’t lift back up and had to extricate my left arm, which was starting to complain. Garbha P I realised just how much the back of my legs must have caught the sun yesterday! Lots of water to get my arms through my sore crossed legs. Garbha spray is the new sun burn relief, who knew?

Getting adjusted in the bum balances every day is interesting, Isa has added some little thing each day, Urdva P today was about where to hold the feet, lower than where I normally do, also the correct exit vinyasa, rather than the normal crash to the floor.

Closing backbends with blocks, then another full session of 5 dropbacks, then 3 half way, then another drop and stay. It’s a pity this is ending so soon, my upper back is really opening back up with Isa’s assistance. She hardly does anything to get me back up because with her method of going back I’m landing nearer my feet.

I’m beginning to think a month here would be better than going to Mysore.

Metro art

Tomorrow was supposed to be the workshop with Dena, but her travel connections changed at the last minute and she won’t make it to Lisbon in time. It’s still been well worth coming here, practice has been super and exploring the city has been fun.

I stayed out of the sun today, I did the complete opposite and went in to the metro to explore the spectacular tile art that adorns many of the stations.

More tiles

I did emerge back in to the sunshine and went for a ride on the #28 tram which goes through the narrow steep streets of the Bario old town, an interesting ride taken on a whim with no real idea where I was going.

No28 Tram


One Response to “Garbha with sunburn”

  1. Maria Says:

    Love Lisbon! I am going back again in October 🙂 The Metro art is amazing, as is the street art all over the city 🙂 Have you hotel / accommodation recommends?

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