Thought you were going to do it!

Thanks to signal failure I got to the Shala late this morning, just one spot left, by the mat cupboard with the wall in front of me. The humid weather meant sweat started running while I put my mat down, let alone before I did a Surya A. Double down dog squashes stretching out the kinks from sitting on a hard floor for a few hours last night. Louise always does my Trikonasana so she stretch my arm out and rotate the shoulder for me, she followed up with Parsvakonasana twist.

Seated is back to being all doable on my own, Inna was waiting behind me as I manoeuvred in to Mari D, but once she saw me bind she left me to it. Bhakasana exits were impossible, the slippy sweat made it impossible to keep my knees on my arms and jump back. Supta K was assisted by someone, it feels like a free pass. All those years of struggle to get my arms through in Garbha are a bad memory, in that heat my arms slip through without any effort.

The Shala had suddenly thinned out when I got to closing, I knew nobody would be waiting to start so I took my time doing Urdva Dhanurasana, the more I do the better they get, after 4 I could push up, though i suspect it’s probably lopsided. I stood up and did a couple of super hang backs, my upper back seemed to be really open today, the second one I could see the ground and was stretching before I pinged back up, Louise was waiting at the top and said “I thought you were going to land, you should have kept going”. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve managed it a couple of times at home, but only with hip flexor failure and ten to two feet. I think Louise was letting go earlier on the way up, I was having to work my legs harder to get back up.

The Finishing Room was rammed full so I ended up back in my spot to close, rare for it to be that way round.

Spiky balls

Great to see Helen down to the Shala, after practice 5 Ashtangi’s sat around a table in Pret trying out her new Rumble roller and spiky massage balls, we got some strange looks!

Rumble Roller


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