Hits and misses

Some days practice is better than others, infinite reasons have a bearing on how it feels, from what and when I last ate, the weather, heat, humidity and if I’m at the Shala with it’s shared energy or slogging away on my own at home.

Yesterday was a Shala day, moon day here was Saturday I’m glad to say, the Shala was quieter than usual, school holidays and Louise being away I guess. The humidity was lower and practice felt easier, mostly left to it by the sub teacher, a steady, focused progress through to Bhekasana in 80 minutes.

Urdva Dhanurasana has progressed quite a lot in the last two weeks, like a growth spurt, from barely being able to lift to now being able to push up, then come down on to my head before walking my hands in a little. My left arm still isn’t straight and I suspect from the outside looking in it all probably looks a little lopsided and mis aligned. I still lack the strength to stay up for long, but up is up and hopefully as I gain strength and the physiotherapy gets me more mobility in the shoulder it should improve.

Last week Louise thought I was going to drop back, her encouraging words made me think I must be near, it’s not the bend, but the landing I’m afraid of, so during the week after playing around and experimenting at home I have managed to land one each day, though my strike rate isn’t good, my head has taken it’s quota. I’ve continued with the method Isa taught me in Lisbon to get a better bend in the upper spine, I’ve started adding in some hip flexor stretches to try and be at least more five to one than ten to two. Nearly 600 days it’s taken to get back to this point, I wrote a post for yogaclicks about “cleaning my window” which was when I discovered just how long it’s been since I did a drop back on my own.


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