Touch down!

At 7am I thought I wasn’t going to even make it to AYL at all, first train cancelled, next 2 “Delayed”, let alone do something I hadn’t done in 606 days in that room.
I Finally arrived an hour later than usual, luckily a spare space between two of yoga breakfast friends.

Nice slow practice after the rush to get there, I really need that Prasarita C assist, the complete opposite movement to the physiotherapy. Getting in there an hour later means the room is even warmer, great for the Marichyasana’s and left to it in Supta K, nodding approval from L as she assisted next door.

A nice squashing in Baddha Konasana. Intermediate is now as good as it ever was, Emma helping my Bhekasana, though my hand slid off, getting the chest lifting assist helps open the upper back for closing.


Took my time with Urdva Dhanurasana, push up, drop to my head, walk in and push up, my left arm still needs to be able to walk in and rotate a little more,it’s also not quite as straight as the right arm so tends to slide still, but no pain or discomfort, so all good.

Teacher and Assistant both engaged elsewhere gave me the chance to hang back, then realise I was quite open, keep going, keep going, stretch the arms, hands out, TOUCH DOWN. The first dropback in the Shala since the day before I broke my arm 20 months ago. I managed two more, before Emma arrived to do the assisted ones. Standing up probably won’t come until I can walk the hands in another 6-8 inches.

So after thinking I wasn’t even going to get there I left with some unexpected progress. A pity just as I’m getting somewhere at last that next Sunday is Moon day and the rest of August the rail line is closed down. Grrr.


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