Fridge Magnet Drishte

Drop backs are improving, safe landings are up to 66%, 2 from 3, though i seem to have a habit of landing on my head for the second one. I realised its because I twist to the right as I go back. At the Shala being assisted L or E keep me straight, but home alone after I have followed the line in the ceiling, I start to twist when there’s no line to follow, landing on the right hand first, my head then lands before the left hand has a chance to land.

Simple but effective!

When I’m dropping back on to my block so I can practice standing up again, I do the same thing, but no longer “Fridge magnet drishte” is the answer, the block is jammed against the wall below the radiator, a line of fridge magnets down the radiator give me something to follow, so I go back evenly. Hopefully the right twist habit will eventually be replaced by a straight drop back.

Maybe the online yoga shops are missing a trick, they should be selling portable drishte lines you can hang from anywhere.


3 Responses to “Fridge Magnet Drishte”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Simple, but effective. Just do whatever it takes eh?

  2. Caroline Scott Says:

    Love it! As they say necessity is the mother of invention!

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