Hard graft

The backbends are coming back, on a dry (not sweat saturated) mat, I can push up in to Urdva Dhanurasana and on a good day I can even stay up and walk the hands in a little way. Dropping back from standing is becoming a little more consistent, going back straight is making landing on both hands at the same time happen.

Between all the strengthening physio exercises I do and the challenging hands on physiotherapy sessions the arm is getting stronger and gradually getting much better range of motion. The unexpected problem is that little 2 inch scar, on the front of my Pelvis where they took the bone graft, it’s hardly visible. It’s become very sore from being stretched, considering it’s now almost two years since I last did backbends this deep, really stretching open the front of the body again, I’d actually forgotten about that scar, but I sure remember it now!

AYL Shala practice is on Wednesdays this month through necessity , no trains on the weekends. An unexpected bonus with Ruth teaching, assisted by Emma, just like when I was first going to AYL. Surprisingly quiet there, lots of help, especially with my re emerging second series, Ruth is great with Pasasana and Bhekasana, deepest Bhekasana bend since L gave it me. Three nice dropback landings before Ruth sent N over to do assisted ones. At least they let me try on my own now.

The last time I practised with Ruth was just before this years surgery, when I was still struggling, so lovely to get an SMS on the way home from her saying “well impressed with your recovery”.


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