Pinned, stretched and landed on my head

Back to physiotherapy this week seeing a different therapist, my usual one is on vacation. She turned out to be the Physio for the Norwegian women’s rugby team no less, so I was a little apprehensive. Her first words being ” you may find I push a little harder than R”! Eeek!


This was the advice from my usual therapist!

It was good to do a different treatment, a new perspective , she started off giving me some new exercises, because she said part of the restriction I still have is caused by the thoracic spine being tight, the new exercises are really a warm up for the more intense new stretchy band exercises she’s given me to do at home, but despite being simple movements doing each of the 3 for 30 seconds is incredibly intense. She’s told me to only do them every other day, as I may seize up!

After the exercise lesson it was time to lay down and let her get to work, started with what she called “pinning & stretching”, pushing and pulling down hard on the muscle at the front of the shoulder to “pin” it, then stretching the arm/shoulder backwards against it, immediately beads of sweat form on my head. After this torture it was the usual pushing her palm in to the shoulder to break down any scar tissue and free the joint, but OMG she certainly pushes a LOT harder then R does, I thought R pushed hard, but from the cracks, pops and aching afterwards this was a different level of pushing!

12 hours or so later I flopped my mat down at AYL hoping all the previous evenings thoracic and shoulder opening would give me a super practice, how wrong that was. It was super warm, I had a nice spot near the opening, lots of help but it just didn’t get any easier and ended up being a slog, it’s amazing how much 30 minutes physio wipes me out, that’s the first time I’ve been to the Shala the day after physio, H had to help me do my UD’s, then time to test that thoracic, #1 landed ok, #2 landed just about, #3 Landed on my head! At which point H came over laughing to do assisted dropbacks.

At least I got a space in the Finishing Room this week, a good job I don’t snore as I think I dropped off in Savasana!


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