No cake, no prana.

The way I spent the half century day and some of the people who shared parts of it with me.

I hit the half century today, as usual on my birthday I practiced at the Shala. How many 50 year olds can even see their feet, let alone put them behind their head, yes I love doing Supta K.

Although I did regular led primary classes it wasn’t until I was 43 that I was forced to take the plunge into Mysore style, I couldn’t do Mari D, Supta K was for bendy people and backbends didn’t even enter my head, though I watched (bad drishte) people perform them. My practice as DK noted has come a long way, second series me? Well 7 years after my first Mysore class I can do Mari D and Supta K and am on Bhekasana in 2nd, I had no idea 7 years ago what second series even was.

I went to Mysore at 47 and stood up from a dropback for the first time, now we were in the realms of fantasy.

So back to my birthday practice, which was nicely punctuated by people wishing me Happy Birthday in various positions! Practice was followed by yogi breakfast, no shortage of chocolate croissants today.


Home to a Battenburg birthday cake, “no cake no prana” as someone said!

The cat cafe

My presents included last weeks outing to the cat cafe, a Bed of Nails mat as well as some yoga tops. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday while I was on my mat, in the Shala at breakfast and closer to home, it’s been fun.

Couldn’t get a ticket


10 Responses to “No cake, no prana.”

  1. Shari Beaubien Says:

    You have to clue me in on these packaged cakes. They must be good if you have 3 or more!?!?

  2. Caroline Scott Says:

    Happy happy!!! Hope you had a fab day. Cool yoga pressies I see!

  3. hollycooksthebooks Says:

    This is awesome! Happy birthday 🙂

  4. Joanna Says:

    bed of nails mat?????? must have been a cool person to quote no cake no prana…..

  5. Mike Evans Says:

    Belated happy birthday wishes. Looking good for an old codger! I think Battenberg must be about the most yogic of cakes.

    I get a bit huffy when they claim those mats are ‘acupressure’ – In my book acupressure involves pressure to very specific points whereas those things are just a scattergun approach. They sure bring awareness to every little nerve ending they touch though don’t they?

    May you have prana for many more practices to come.

    • globie Says:

      Cheers Mike. I can’t imagine life without practice or Battenburg.

      Nails mat certainly makes you “present”, though once you relax it’s not very intense, getting off it again seems harder.

      I needed that croissant prana after practice this morning

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