Rejoining the rat race

Finally after nearly two years of injury, surgery twice, injections, rehab and a lot of physio I’ve temporarily at least rejoined the world of work, working part time for a company supplying Christmas Santa Grottos! I get to talk to Santa’s Elves about sending them more supplies for the next batch of little darlings who get to sit on Santa’s knee. Anyone who knows how much I hate Christmas will probably find this hilarious, more than one person has asked if I’m an Elf! NO I’M NOT, though I think to get the elf gig you probably need to be nearer the size of the hidden ashtangi.

As usual I seem to have ended up in a job where I work mostly on my own, though I do have one 8 year old furry helper called Mol, the owners dog, she seems to be my friend now after helping me with my bag of BBQ Hula Hoops!

Mol my co worker

My practice has suffered, coming home after being on my feet, running for the bus and then getting on my mat, my quads are not impressed and refuse to support me doing dropbacks. If it was summer and the mornings were warm and light practice before heading for work would be a better proposition, but dark and every morning feeling colder it’s not going to happen. I’ve not been able to go to the local Shala either.

Saturday I decided as I had to be in London anyway to return to YP and do Susan’s led primary, just 6 of us in the small room. A year ago I actually won a prize of a free class on the Shalas Facebook page, then I ended up needing the second surgery, so never collected it. having got the cash out to pay I remembered and asked the Receptionist if it was still there, she delved through a dusty pile and there it was.

It was a decent practice in a nice warm room, my first led class in a very long time, I figured I should do one before I head of to Eddie Stern in two weeks time. I learned I have rising ribs and a levitating left hand when I jump back and through, though I’ve only been jumping through for a couple of weeks since the shoulder finally stopped objecting. Little details that aren’t usually picked up in a Mysore environment, I always get something when I practice with Susan, some little detail, not saying she’s picky or anything!

Levitating buildings in London

Today it was back to Louise at AYL after their building work break, once I thawed out from the freezing cold bus journey a surprising good practice through to Bhekasana with everything bound, I even managed to land two out of three dropbacks before Tom came to assist. It’s still a fine line of how many to try and do on my own before waiting for the cavalry to show up, Louise thought I’d banged my head, but my hand slipped on number three.

The philosophy group now seems to have a core, it’s nice to spend some time with the Shala community once a month after breakfast, rather than rushing off home, another 6 sutras done.

A legal rest day this week.

So it’s back to the elves, hopefully my body will get with the program soon.


4 Responses to “Rejoining the rat race”

  1. Joanna Says:

    My body hasn’t got used to being back at full time college yet. My practice has taken a hammering. Hey ho i will get it back. glad the job is going well

    • globie Says:

      It’s been harder physically than I thought it would be. Job is going ok. Only a 3 day week this week, off to Swanage for Eddie Stern on Thursday

  2. Mike Evans Says:

    Ha ha – can’t get over the image of you as one of Santa’s little helpers. Sometimes fate can be so not so much cruel as camp!

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