Today I had my 15th and final Fracture clinic appointment in the last two years. I still can’t believe how long it’s taken. Considering 1000’s of patients that must passed through that clinic in the last 2 years, the receptionist actually knows me by name and the little Indian Doctor recognises the Ganesh on my pendant, he was the one who told me a year ago if Ganesh couldn’t free my shoulder the arthroscopic surgery would!

After the usual mobility and strength tests, he asked what exercise I did, as there wasn’t much fat on me! When I told him, he said “ah YOGA is the best exercise possible”, he then niftily demonstrated Gomukhasana and said I should do that! Isn’t that third series? So I’m officially discharged by the NHS and the private physiotherapist.


My copy of David Keil’s Functional yoga anatomy book came, so at least I can look up “shoulder”, though I’ve painfully learned quite a lot about it already.

Practice on Saturday at the local Shala and Sunday at AYL, to Kapo on Saturday and Bhekasana on Sunday.

Yoga holiday by the seaside this week, off to practice with Eddie Stern for a long weekend, I’ve wanted to meet him since I read his book Guruji and the brilliant Ashtanga NY documentary.


7 Responses to “Discharged”

  1. Linda Says:

    How do you like the book? Enjoy Eddie!

    • globie Says:

      I like the book, I did David’s workshop in Stockholm a few years ago and the book is like that, good for people without a medical degree, he relates the anatomy to the practice.

      Really looking forward to Eddie

  2. susiegb Says:

    And where are you practicing with Eddie? New York?
    Haven’t read the book but enjoy email updates from David Keil … 🙂

  3. globie Says:

    It’s a little south west of Bournemouth

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