Yoga Show

I thought I was never going to get there. Along with everyone else I got evacuated from the train after it got hit by some falling masonry in a tunnel, literally smashing a set of the trains doors of their hinges. Two hours and three tubes later I was on my mat at AYL for a rapid practice, I was in Savasana as Louise was blowing out the little candles, I’ve never been in there at chucking out time before.

The yoga show is good for a few hours, though nothing new or exciting to report on, so here are a few photos.

With Lucy and Sophia from Yogaclicks

I would love one of these but have nowhere to hang one

Sorry but nothing beats Tetley!

Cat on a mat

Wasn’t Halloween, but a few skeletons around


Far too healthy!


2 Responses to “Yoga Show”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Just thought I’d check up on you. You’ve been Missing In Action since the yoga show. Was it so depressing that you never want to practice again? Hope you’re well.

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