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Happy Dance!

November 25, 2014

I finally managed to stand up from a dropback today, it actually felt easy when it happened. I just hope I can repeat it the next time I practice.


Nearly, but not quite

November 21, 2014

It’s the 21st November, aka Standupversary, the celebration of that day in Mysore 2011, now 3 years past, when I first stood up from a dropback, I remember it like it was yesterday, miraculously flying up and almost flattening Sharath, who had unbeknown to me taken a step down my mat to assist me.

It took until mid 2012 to get a degree of control and consistency, 2012 standupversary was the last time I repeated the feet on its birthday, before the Humerus fracture.

Standupversary 2013 was obviously a non event as I waited for more surgery, this day last year I couldn’t even lift my arm to shoulder height, let alone lift my giant tea mug!

Since the final surgery in April I’ve worked hard with physiotherapy to regain strength and range of motion in the shoulder, it took until mid September to be able to push up in to Urdva Dhanurasana. I had been “hanging back” and get weekly Shala help from Louise and Emma to dropback and come up, but doing it on my own felt miles away.

In the last month or so I’ve managed to get some consistency (less head landing first) in the dropping back, “STRAIGHT ARMS” as Cary and Susan used to say and now I’ve started to stand up first from the Bolster and since my purchase at The Yoga Show, from half thickness blocks, the mat is now just a tantalising 2cm away.


So this years standupversary is a case of almost, but not quite, half a block has become relatively easy and I wonder how much of it is mental now, though the block gives me something to push in to, where as my hands tend to slide on just the mat.

I’m sure it’s going to come back and considering I only got back on my mat just over 4 months ago perhaps it was a bit much to expect to celebrate 21/11 from the mat.

All is coming (back)