7th December

Two years ago today was the day I snapped my Humerus in half. It’s been a long journey back to my practice. 7/12/12 I spent the morning in agony in A&E, 7/12/14 I spent the morning at AYL having a great practice in my favourite spot next to the radiator.

Both sides of Pasasana bound, Bhekasana with a wonderful assist from Louise, who has been instrumental in getting most, nearly all of my practice back, not to mention hundreds of hours on my mat, with a super massage therapist and the Hungarian physiotherapist who helped get back my range of motion.

This morning I could drop back on my own and stand up from the half thick block in the Shala for the first time in two years. At home where I can experiment more I can do it from the floor. I made a video just to see what I’m doing, ok my feet are too turned out and my arms a bit wide and not straight, but up is up, it’s a work in progress that at times over the last 24 months I doubted I would ever be able to do.

The strength is coming, hopefully 2015 will be a year of progress after two years of relearning.


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