Last AYL Sunday for this year

Last Sunday was the last philosophy group until April, as Mel is off to India, all these people going to India, I wish, though I’m still thinking about going to Saraswati in February if my contract isn’t extended. Philosophy followed by lunch, sutras for mind and stomach.

Philosophy group

Today was my last practice at AYL for 2014, they close on Friday for the holidays with some of the teachers and assistants heading for Mysore. What a year it’s been, without having this practice, a great teacher and the shared energy of the ashtangi’s my shoulder would not have made so much progress, not that there isn’t still some way to go yet, especially in terms of strength and stability.

The arm still catches me out at surprising moments, if it hurt during Mari D I could understand it, but the painful spasm I get that shoots across down the arm to my fingers in Savasana was very unexpected, I now do Savasana with my left palm down instead of up, stressing the muscles on the front of the shoulder much less.

The last practice of the year (in the Shala), felt like it was all there, everything gets bound, apart from a couple of the transitions requiring Bhakasana which is still a struggle, Urdva Dhanurasana my hand still slides on the slippy Mysore rug I’m using now, I’ve abandoned the Yogitoes, it just won’t stay put, the plastic dots have been mangled by the washing machine a bit too often it seems and it just wrinkles up.

Dropbacks are safe now, standing up is still erratic but coming. Three super assisted dropbacks today followed by L’s trademark mega squash.


Louise says it’s now a time to rest a lot, stretch a little and to take our mats home otherwise they will apparently be chopped up for Elf bedding!


Yogi breakfast was a spur of the moment “full English” , it made a change from croissants, we didn’t realise we had been photo bombed until later, but does explain why the Waitress who took the photo was laughing so much!


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