Finally back to where I was


Finally after 2 years, 1 month and 6 days, it feels like it’s all coming back, just in time for going to Mysore.

Today was the first AYL Sunday of 2015, not helped by two hours on a cold rail replacement bus to get there. A full Shala, surrounded by the usual friendly faces. HNY’s and hello smiles and a spot in the narrow one mat wide section.

A nice steady flow through in the warm, adjustment in the right places, seated all bound, lovely Supta K assist from E, a proper 360 Garbha. Back to just the first 5 of intermediate, Pasasana to Bhekasana, trying to work the thoracic in Salabhasana A and B, assisted Bhekasana, my left arm still can’t get quite enough downward pressure on the foot, but another super assist from E lifting my chest. All before trying to walk the hands in as far as possible on each Urdva Dhanurasana on a damp mat with sliding hands, but it’s a measure of how much stronger my shoulder has become that I can walk the hands in and shift the Pelvis forward.

So it’s time for the one asana that’s eluded me for the last two years in the Shala since the fracture, dropping back AND standing up again. By the time I got there Louise was assisting my neighbour, so I was conscious of being watched. Dropping back is no longer a problem, I’ve learned to land with straight arms again, it’s the walking in on the UD’s that’s made the difference, I now land nearer my feet in a deeper bend, the pelvis more forward and less weight sinking in to my arms, a quick rock. Inhale, a tiny stumble and I’m up. Yahoooooooooo. Doing the first one was always going to be the barrier, after the first I soon did two more.

As I stood up from the third one Louise had just finished squashing my neighbour, “well done you’ve got it back”, I think she was as pleased as I was, she’s been there the whole way through the last 2 years, without her I would never have got my practice back. Three assisted half way, then a full drop, walking in then pinging back up. Two years ago she helped cut up my dinner in a restaurant in Thailand, today she barely lifted a finger to bring me up from a dropback.

My left arm still has issues with some movements, mainly to do with transferring weight such as the exits from Bhuja and Supta K via Bhakasana and the jumping forward in the vinyasa. But I can bind everything on my own and the physical and mental hurdle of dropbacks is going.

It’s been a VERY long journey that’s coming to and end just in time for Mysore and a new journey.


9 Responses to “Finally back to where I was”

  1. KT Says:

    Congratulations! Amazing accomplishment that you should be extremely proud of, the road back from an injury that serious would have been too daunting for many. Maybe I’ll bump into you around Mysore in February ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ursula Preiss Says:

    Sounds great!

  3. Shari Beaubien Says:

    I love how this is all coming together for you, Kevin… culminating in what is sure to be a WONDERFUL trip to Mysore! Good for you! I don’t know anyone who deserves it more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Caroline Scott Says:

    Thats awesome – well done!!!

  5. jeromearmstrong Says:

    Amazing and inspirational. I came across your blog just as I went to Mysore, in Feb 2013, as I was looking for some map directions, so I bought that one you had. And I have to say, I had a lot of fun with it, walking around and finding all the places. I got what I needed of yoga in there too in Mysore. But I have kept coming back to ‘check in’ every 4 or so months, and was really amazed at watching you ‘come back’, and today, wow!! It’s quite a profound journey to make it back in yoga practice after a deep injury; it changes you, I know. Here’s to hoping you get everything you wish for in your upcoming Mysore practice, blessings.

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