A very different led

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I had never done a led class with Saraswathi, same practice, but completely different in many ways. To start with nobody was sitting outside the gates at 3am waking up the dogs and Prakash, no pushing and shoving when the gate opens, just an orderly walk up the steps as people discard their sandals. It certainly feels like a much less competitive atmosphere in so may ways.

Saraswathi has a few little surprises, 4 Surya B’s instead of 3 to begin with, though unlike Sharath she doesn’t seem to struggle with what comes after “trini”. Despite arriving just after the majority I ended up in the front row, I’ve never been there before. Saraswathi has a way of adjusting two people at the same time in UHP, she moved me nearer the person on my right and then used one hand for each of us, a nifty trick.

There seems to be much more assistance, even in a led class with no assistant, less of a feeling of bashing the practice out in order to get the next lot in, she allows people time to get in to Mari D and Supta K, though this was also the point that she started stopping people, not me though happily. I’m just happy to survive the cut as I’ve got a stinking cold from somewhere.

She gets the “Stopees” to return for Setu Bandhasana, backbends and closing. Just when you think the end is nigh, I looked at the clock and thought we may actually get a Savasana, she has, for me, some other little surprises, an extra posture after the two seated lotus postures, no idea what it’s called, you stay in lotus but put your hands flat on the ground behind you and do a mini backbend with straight arms pressing in to the ground. She certainly counts quicker than Sharath does in Uth Plutihi, even with my arms lack of strength I managed to stay up.

But it’s still not time for Savasana, she adds in some chanting and Pranayama alternate nostril breathing before we finally do the closing chant and get a two minute Savasana. It’s certainly a longer class than Sharath’s led, 1hr 50min.

I have this vision of them chopping up body’s

Chai at Amruth followed by breakfast at Anokhi, where I finally got to meet Katie, who sometimes comments here.


3 Responses to “A very different led”

  1. kathealymusic Says:

    Sounds wonderful, I’m enjoying your posts!… it inspires me to save up to travel across and study with Saraswathi; I’ve heard great things about her teaching and how warm and supportive she is to her students. K 🙂

  2. D Says:

    Welcome back to Mysore, very excited to read your posts! Have another cup of Amruth’s chai for me, there’s nothing quite like it!

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