Mysore, where does the time go?

Full moon in Mysore

Tuesday was Moon day in Mysore, a day of rest, they even cancel the extra carricular classes like chanting and Sanskrit. It makes the “Muggles” out there wonder what the hell we get up to all day. Some people go to the Pool, some people make day trips, some of us have a lie in, followed by a three hour breakfast which turns in to lunch, followed by maybe a siesta when the sun is hottest in the afternoon, early dinner, then of course it’s an early night, only “one day holiday” as Saraswathi said as we left her Shala on Monday.

Today it’s back with the program, 4:15 alarm, head for the Shala to arrive at the appointed time, bearing in mind “Shala time” and my watch have nothing in common, Shala clocks used to be set 15 minutes ahead (Guruji was a stickler for time keeping), but in the 3 years since I was last here the clock seems to have crept on to nearly 25 minutes ahead. There must have been some more new arrivals it seems or Saraswathi is bringing students start times forward, the Shala was already full and she told me to do my Surya’s in the finishing room, surprisingly, considering in theory that people had only begun to practice 30mins earlier, a few people were finishing and I didn’t wait long to hear my “one more”.

Practice just happens, there’s a nice, quiet energy. Suddenly I’m on backbends, S arrives to do my assisted dropbacks before I have a chance to play around on my own. My back is only just coming out of hibernation from the journey to get here and the stinking cold I’ve had the last few days. Back to the finishing room to close. It’s not until I open the Shala door back out on to the balcony that I realise it’s actually light, apart from the led class it’s still been pitch dark every time I’ve finished, I must be slowing down, that happened last time.

Coconut man outside the Shala

Outside the coconut man is chopping away, they are so over rated, I know where I’m heading.

Rangoli lady

Every morning you see people with their pots of chalky paste painting the intricate patterns outside their houses, it’s obviously something they have repeated hundreds if not thousands of times, they are so fast, they put down dots then join up the sets of dots with straight lines until the Mandala is made, to be rubbed out during the day by traffic, feet. Dogs or the weather.

Louise collecting the glasses ready for round 3

It’s Amruth for me, sweet, hot chai sitting on the steps of the still closed next door Pharmacy. Usually I have one or two and head home back to bed, but today I find my Philosophy class mate Louise and a few others already on the steps, so one glass turns in to another and another. Lou makes me laugh when she says she has had 3, a record! She has a lot of catching up to do, I well remember some mornings last time when me, Julia and the 2 Japanese would regularly get towards double figures before we went home. Mind you there has been chai inflation, it’s gone up from 10 to 14 Rupees a glass!

Chanting class filling up

As it’s Wednesday everyone heads back for the 11:30am (Shala time) chanting class with Lakshmish, sheets are handed out, the room fills up, he calls we repeat back, well some do, some mumble and some up the back…….

So what with practice, eating, chanting, socialising and sleeping the days in Mysore are amazingly busy. I’ve decided not to do Sanskrit or sanscrawl as mine became known last time in the afternoons. This afternoon I took the bus in to town for a wander, just wandering and looking.

Sweet shop with Dentist next door!


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