My Mysore institutions

This my second trip to Mysore, it feels much more relaxed, I know where everything is, I’m not running around trying to visit the local attractions, I’m relaxing and only popping in to my favourite places, they are little landmarks in my day.
After practice the first is obviously Amruth, hot, sweet cups of chai, at least one, but usually after one after another, unlike last time around I’ve yet to find anyone who can keep up with the amount I can consume. They are all like ” I can’t possibly have more than 2 otherwise I’ll never sleep tonight” really! I take my last sip of tea about 10 seconds before I put the light out at night.

Anokhi Garden
Breakfast is usually one of two options, Anokhi Garden or Santosha, but the croissants at The Regallis down in the city are a big temptation.

Chocolate man

Later in the morning I visit my next institution, Trupti Coffee works, AKA The Chocolate Man, bars of chocolate of all kinds of flavours, dark, milk, white, caramel, cinnamon , hazelnut, cashew and ginger to name but a few. Like with the chai it’s almost impossible to stop at just one bar!

In the evening when the sun goes down and I venture out after my siesta I head down to Main Street, home of the “Hot chip” man, handmade hot potato chips, fried in a cauldron before your eyes, served in a bag you can barely keep hold of. OMG they are sooooooooo tasty not to mention cheap, you can have them flavoured or just as they are.

Hot chip man

I like my institutions, Im glad they are still here, unlike Nilgiri’s which has turned in to a motorcycle showroom.

Sugary chai, breakfasts, chocolate and chips, well you need something to fuel the practice and it’s doing the practice that allows it. Practice with Saraswathi is going well, week 2 I’m allowed to do the last posture I was given in Mysore last time Pasasana. An extra posture suddenly feels like a lot of extra work. Despite the diet I can still bind it, though unlike back home the rolling up the mat tactic under the heals isn’t allowed, so although I can bind I’m not stable, though I did get a “very good” today as she walked away.


6 Responses to “My Mysore institutions”

  1. srhyland Says:

    Have you been to ‘Corner House’ yet Kev?

  2. mariavlong Says:

    Kevin, you could give lonely planet or any other travel guide, a run for their money. Why hasn’t anyone looked into publishing a fantastic little “Guide to visiting and practicing in Mysore” yet?? Your writing style is a forerunner in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Mike Evans Says:

    Oh yes! Dark with cardamom, and dark 90% with sea salt. Milk cashew and dark ginger also sound promising.

  4. kathealymusic Says:

    …the hot potato chips sound amazing…

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