Sa Tu Dirgha Kala….

I returned from Mysore without either of Sharath’s suggestions, the Indian IC was a bit impractical and no idea where I would install one if I had and the Bandha meter he talked about in conference has yet to be invented, though rumour has it there are Japanese and Korean yogis on the case designing the App.

Kurmasana addition to my pendant

I did return with happy memories of a wonderful month practising with Saraswathi, along with a lovely addition to my pendant and an embroidered Mysore rug.


Alas I seem to have returned with something else, the day after I got home I became very unwell and two days later ended up in Hospital. The upshot being no practice since Mysore and not being able to return to work either. Things looked to be improving until last Friday when I ended up back in A&E for 4 hours. I’m now stuck at home unable to do anything as I wait for a referral.

So no Sunday croissants at AYL for a while it seems.


9 Responses to “Returned”

  1. mariavlong Says:

    Feel better soon Kevin. Love Saraswati’s shirt!

  2. homerhanumat Says:

    Ugh, too bad. They talk these days about certain asanas being risky, but I guess that’s nothing in comparison to Mysore tap-water.

    • globie Says:

      Actually I didn’t touch the tap water, had 10litre bottles of drinking water delivered. It’s either an infection, dehydration or a pelvic muscle not working

  3. Mike Evans Says:

    Oh dear. I was so looking forward to welcoming home the new enlightened you. Sounds as though you might be getting lighter rather than enlightened and not in a good way. Best wishes for comfort and recovery.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Mike, though I dont think enlightenment is happening any time soon. Just need the tap to start working again, then I’ll be fine, though it would be nice to know what caused this, considering I felt fine when I left India.

  4. susiegb Says:

    Really sorry to hear … Hope you get better very soon and can make it to AYL again in the not too distant future! I’m hoping to turn up there at some point later in the year too!

  5. susiegb Says:

    Oh I won’t be there for months … I’m sure you’ll be fully recovered from any Mysore lurgies by then! Well, I certainly hope so!!!

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