Back in the real world

We leave Mysore bendy and happy thinking this is how our practice is meant to be and will continue to be from this day forth. But whether it’s the long journey home that begins with that bumpy 4 hour taxi ride or landing back in to a cold north European winter the reality is pretty soon something rather different. We probably don’t get back on our mat for a couple of days and when we do we are cranky and stiff.

You begin to wonder what’s gone wrong, you return to the comfortable familiarity of your home Shala space and the responsibilities of work and home, although you want your practice to remain the priority, the reality is life takes over again and it seems to take even more dedication to crawl out from under the duvet every morning.

Post Mysore Ashtangi’s would benefit from a “half way house” for a week or so, somewhere not too cold so they can acclimatise to being back in the real world.

As I’ve discovered there are things beyond our control than can put paid to our good intentions of continuing the work. The sudden illness that hit me so soon after I landed back in reality has not improved, three times to hospital and now on a 3 month waiting list for surgery. It seems being cooped up in that uncomfortable aircraft seat for 9 hours was the final straw. I can’t be sure it was the flight, but at least my body waited until I landed back home before it caved in.

I am back on my mat and doing the practice I can, trying to get as fit as I can for the surgery and yet another period of recovery.


7 Responses to “Back in the real world”

  1. maria Says:

    Aw Kevin. Sorry to hear that you have to go through ore surgery – I thought that all was well with the shoulder / arm. Thinking of you and wishing you good healing vibes. M

  2. kathealymusic Says:

    I hope you feel better soon, very sorry to hear about the surgery – stay positive. K.

  3. Caroline Scott Says:

    I am 5 weeks post op from my second surgery and recovery process within a year. Trust me – I feel your frustration. One more week until I can get back on the week. Yay!!!

    • globie Says:

      I was hoping 2015 would be the first hospital free year since 2010, very frustrating, feels like one step forward and two back. Glad you are on the mend, take it slowly.

      • Caroline Scott Says:

        Shame it looks like you have to have another surgery! Fingers crossed for you that this is the last surgery for you!
        Next week marks a year from my wrist surgery, which was followed a week later by my shoulder and then more recently my complete waste of time hip surgery. I am determined to be done with it now. I really hope this is the end of surgeries for me now. Trying to get your practice back each time is physically and mentally a lot of hard work!!!

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