Back to AYL

Practice back at AYL much sooner than expected. I was planning to go just for the monthly Conference and to catch up with everyone, but I’d been practising alternate days at home and thought I would just get on my mat and see how it went. As always it’s so much easier in that room, the yellow walls, heat and the quiet energy. I knew Louise would be keeping an eye on me, she mostly left me to slowly move through my practice.

As usual I don’t seem to have lost the flexibility, but I have lost stamina and strength. I read an article that said that when people of my age are forced to be inactive for periods after injury, surgery etc that the more muscle and stamina they had the more quickly they lose it and that for every week of inactivity it takes two weeks of being active again to regain what was lost. I can believe it, by Supta K I was getting tired and taking mini breaks. After Garbha I got a second wind and amazingly got through to Bhekasana, way further than I intended or expected.

Urdva Dhanurasana is slowly returning, the stretch on the front of the body is becoming more bearable, I stood up after doing 3 intending just to hang back, but L came along and supported me through the whole sequence of drops/stands, cross arm and drop and walk in, strangely UD from a dropback feels more comfortable on the front of the body than pushing up from the floor.

Savasana was needed after that, not to mention the croissant and tea.

Hamish’s conference

Conference was packed as always, H told us about the new AYL printed quarterly magazine that’s coming out later in the year, then read a chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, explaining the text in his own inimitable style!
You had to be there!

It was good to be back, hopefully the medical mishaps have come to an end and I can start to practice and improve as opposed to two years of constantly playing catch up.


Last night part one of the video interview I did in Mysore with Clint from Ekaminhale was published. This first part is the journey of my practice up to the day I snapped my Humerus in half. Here’s a link to the interview.


2 Responses to “Back to AYL”

  1. kathealymusic Says:

    Lovely interview! I’m looking forward to seeing Pt 2. You’re story is wonderfully inspiring 🙂

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