Despite yoga’s more mainstream position these days it never ceases to amaze me how the “Muggles” still perceive us and what we do, a newspaper article last weekend actually described us as “bendy, glassy eyed, sun saluting farters”. Even the medical profession don’t get it, as was demonstrated by Nurse Jolly Hockey Sticks at my own health check last week.

After NJHS had weighed me (9 stones, 6lbs) and said “you’re a bit of a lightweight!” Though the BMI was at the bottom end of the scale, but not too light. She went on to ask if I ate healthily and if I did any exercise. I told her I do yoga 6 days a week, I could see it in her eyes before she even spoke, her idea of yoga clearly wasn’t Ashtanga, I couldn’t be bothered to enlighten her, so she gave me a small red book about healthy eating, having skimmed through it I think it’s aimed at people who live in McDonald’s and need to lose a few pounds, not a skinny yogi who has a post practice croissant habit and likes a regular dose of chocolate. (We won’t mention the books fruit section Miss Bysh).

The Book.

She clearly had her doubts about my health, ok I’ve had surgery lately and still have a way to go with recovering, but I’m getting there. Eek out of nowhere she produces a bloody great needle and some vials to test for Diabetes and Cholesterol and has the nerve to tell me not to be nervous, seeing her holding a needle is enough to send anyone’s blood pressure off the scale with good reason, she made 2 painful failed attempts to get blood out of my left arm before saying ” I think your lefts had enough, let me try the right, I usually get it first time“. I left with 2 sore arms covered in plasters, but a week later the scores are in and I don’t have diabetes or high cholesterol , so the chocolate and cake diet can continue.

Back on the mat I’ve managed a few more full practices, the stamina is returning, practice at AYL feels easy in the heat, with no distractions except for the odd friendly smile. I’m dropping back again on my own, though Louise is watchful enough to come and assist when they start looking dodgy.

Part 2 is online, link below.

Part two of the video interview I did for Ekaminhale in Mysore was published this week, I’m again amazed at the response, if you want to watch it clicke HERE.


3 Responses to “Lightweight!”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Well, I bend – but not very well. I’m glassy eyed after class, but that’s cos I go to the pub on the way home. I have, ahem, been known to fart in class 😮

    They are doing colon checks (camera on a stick) in our area. I went for mine a week or so back. “Your blood pressure’s a little high” said the nurse. Well it often is, but it’s hardly surprising that it’s up a bit given that you’re about to shove a camera….

  2. Jerome Armstrong Says:

    Amazing journey Kevin. I really appreciate it for you, having read through it happening these past years.

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