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Good Riddance 2015

December 31, 2015

This time last year I’d had the “you may come” email on Boxing Day and was suddenly in the midst of a crazy three weeks of getting an Indian visa, buying a flight and arranging accommodation. Practice was going much better after all the shoulder surgery, back to Bhekasana and sporadically able to drop back and stand up.

I thought my month with Saraswathi would nail the backbends again, but nope they became more erratic, but practice was consistent and I loved being back in Mysore, feeling comfortable immediately I arrived, already knowing where everything was, well except for Chakra House which had moved. Amruth was still there, even if chai had gone up 40% in 3 years, drinking that sweet nectar after practice every morning with friends was wonderful, even if the misery guts who owns the neighbouring pharmacy would no longer let us sit on the steps, even though he wasn’t even open.

I got back home on 1st March, immediately becoming sick, resulting in 3 trips to A&E and finally more surgery in June, followed by a long, uncomfortable 3 month recovery. Practice regressed dramatically, no energy, having to take breaks, but going to AYL still every Sunday to be part of the tribe.

As I was recovering my mum took over the hospital bed for 3 months in two hospitals, so I was left still recovering, cooking etc for my Dad and me, trying to practice, daily hospital visiting and back to working part time with Mol my crazy canine colleague, All tej time feeling more and more wrecked.

The start of the year seemed so promising, but February in Mysore has been the only 28 days of 2015 that have been worth the bother, I’m so glad this year is over, I haven’t got any hopes for 2016, hopes have a habit of turning in to disappointments , so good riddance 2015. 2016 will bring whatever it brings.