Bali Seminyak yoga

I’m blogging from the pool.

Bali is hot, after a delay in Kuala Lumpur I walked out of the air conditioned airport in to 90 degrees of hot sunshine, still dressed for the 3 degrees i left Heathrow in.
Bali is as nice as I remember it and the added bonus of being in Seminyak by the sea is the Seminyak yoga Shala owned by my Byron Bay friend Susi. The Shala is actually above her yoga clothes shop.


Mysore class is every day at 7:30am taught by authorised ex AYL assistant Sara. A mixture of locals, expats and visitors usually make up the class. It seems to be mostly people with a regular practice.


After climbing the stairs you come to a wooden door that at first looks as if it should be a mirror, maybe it was once.


I thought AYL could get quite warm, but this Shala is a true sauna, much hotter than Mysore was this time last year, I was dripping after one Surya A, so glad I’ve come across a cheap laundry to handle the yoga washing!

Practice in these conditions is about spreading the energy, not being whacked out by the heat and humidity. Some postures are so much easier here, sliding in to Supta K, no need for spray bottles in Garbha and twisting in to Pasasana. Sara asked me if the Aircon was too drafty, I didn’t even realise it was on!

The Shala sauna

Day one Sara mostly observed, but now she’s on me, PPC, UHP, Tiriang Mukha, today I got a tap to say wait in Bhekasana , despite the torrents of sweat I’m managing to keep hold of my left foot, she uses Louise’s tactic of somehow holding the feet while encouraging the chest to lift, must be an AYL thing. I seem to do seated mostly with my eyes closed, blinded by the rivers of sweat. Another tap in Urdva Dhanurasana , telling me to wait for her in dropbacks. No finishing room, just do closing and Savasana where you are, before heading back downstairs to peel off the yoga togs.

Post practice despite no Pret’s here, there’s no problem finding my croissant or two and a pot of tea for breakfast. Seminyak literally also has hundreds of small Spa’s all competing for business, so my shoulder can get regular massage at a fraction of what it costs back home.

No running around sightseeing this trip, it’s descended in to a daily schedule of yoga, brekkie, massage, lunch, snooze by the pool, paddle in the sea, watch the sunset.


2 Responses to “Bali Seminyak yoga”

  1. Shari Beaubien Says:

    I agree… vacations take on a whole new sense of nurturing when you’re not racing around sight-seeing. Good for you!

  2. dmacrunDenis McCallum Says:

    Hi just wanted to say that it’s great that you are back writing your blog. Sounds like a great vacation in the sun, it’s -15 here

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