What Bali gave me

Bali is a yoga place.

It was nice while it lasted, but back to reality, in the space of 13 hours I went from nearly a 100 degrees t-shirt and shorts in Bali to minus 1 and pulling warm clothes out of my case before leaving the Airport in London.

As usual after suffering aircraft Aircon I’ve got a chesty cough. I’m still getting my body back round the time and season change, waking up for hours in the middle of the night and getting back to sleep as the alarm goes off telling me it’s time to get up.

Storms and humidity

The last practises in Seminyak were unbelievably hot, the storms weather increasing the humidity , my mat seemed to be permanently sodden and by the time I came to do Urdva Dhanurasana it was a skid pan as my left hand slid out from under me as I pushed up without my chalk ball, one morning it got to the point where assistant Irena was using her foot to arrest the slide. Having dropback assistance 8 days on the bounce was great, Irena and Sara were on a mission to try and correct my tendency to twist to the right going back as I still subconsciously try and protect my left shoulder.

Krounchasana in Bali (Photo Sara S)

Back here I notice that my UD’s actually feel stronger, all that effort trying not to slide means where I’ve got some traction it’s all more stable, even at AYL, which though not quite Bali warm is pretty warm. Bhekasana I’ve suddenly started to find the strength to not just hang on to the left foot, but start to put meaningful downward pressure on it as I try to lift the chest.

I loved Seminyak Yoga Shala, Sara was a super teacher,but it was nice to take my spot at AYL this morning between S and J with a yellow wall both behind and in front and Louise and Emma assisting. It’s easy to focus and practice, with the odd smile as we occasionally catch each other’s eyes. E said my dropbacks were much better, certainly more control today especially coming up, E said she didn’t do anything.

Bali gave me consistent help, a more flowing practice and added some strength as I fought against the skid pan mat. Onward and upward hopefully.


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