Physio yoga

The trapped nerve is gone, thanks to Liz the Physio’s thumbs, her exercises and carrying on getting on the mat. The 30 minutes a day of physio exercises on top of the usual practice has been hard work, but my Hip has more stability. The exercises look easy, but looks can be deceptive, squatting on one leg vividly showed how little stability and strength the left had compared to the right, it’s getting better. Clam shell leg raising for a minute, it’s a looooong minute! As well as the Hip issue Liz has gone to work on the ex fractured shoulder, exercises to give it some more mobility which should help with opening the upper back.

I had my last session of physio this week, which alternated between her having me do Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana on a yoga mat and her elbow and thumbs digging in to my lower back, sciatic nerve and Piriformis. Her mission was to have me going back straight, to re teach my body and brain where the middle is and stop my veering to the right as it got more difficult. Apparently when I’m straight the pinching in my left side isn’t “bad”, after favouring the right side for 3 years because of the fracture the left side is suddenly having to work again, so the pinching is a kind of signal that I’m straight. The right side is also quite tight because it’s done all the work for 3 years.

Back on the mat my backbends are feeling better, I can suddenly walk my hands in an extra few inches in Urdva Dhanurasana and unassisted dropbacks are safer. That said my teacher L has noted my left hands propensity to twist outwards when I’m trying to come back up, which she said is going in to my back. C also noticed today that my elbows do the same going out rather than in as I come up, making it harder for the chest to come through.

I’m managing to stand up off the half thickness blocks again, video here


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