Lucy Scott day 2 – Hamstring mission

Lucy Scott day 2 – Hamstrings

Lucy is on a mission to lengthen my Hamstrings, at 6:15am my Hamstrings however are not fond of this plan, it starts on the first Surya A where she’s making me have my hands flat in the forward bend, rather than just my fingers and continues on through Janu A, Tiriang Mukha, Supta Padang and culminates in the most intense Krounchasana adjustment I’ve ever had!

After yesterday’s Gharba Pindasana lesson I was ready, especially as L was next door and watching me out of the corner of her eye. She said it was better and asked if I had been dreaming about it, ha ha more a nightmare than a dream.

The help she’s giving me in Urdva Dhanurasana is superb, she knows her stuff, UD on a couple of bricks as she manipulates my left shoulder then has me stretch in to the arm. Then normal UD off the mat feels very different, Lucy shoulder physio allows me to more comfortably get my hands nearer my head as I push up, rather than their normal position at the edge of the mat, so my hands are much more under my shoulders.

No rest for the wicked, Urdva Dhanurasana is immediately followed by dropbacks, day 2 she’s again extending my comfort zone, today not only am I dropping back but she has C pulling and guiding my hands towards my feet, a deeper upper back bend and my hands landing in a much more stable position.

Handstands were not a one day wonder it seems, played bunny hops then Lucy got me vertical, it didn’t feel so strange today, though like with the backbends she upped the intensity, She had me stay up a lot longer and she added in bending the knees and trying to get my feet on my head, then going vertical again. She’s on a mission to retrain my body to find it’s centre. One advantage of a mostly home alone practice is that I will be able to continue trying the handstands. Lucy has given me the confidence in my shoulder to try it, that’s a huge leap after the last 3.5 years.

Closing I suddenly find her standing on my feet in Karna Pidasana and telling me I’m putting too much pressure on my head in Sirsasana, this lifting the head lark isn’t happening.

Lucy never rushes, she waited until I had done my Uth Plutihi before she does the closing chant with the 4 of us who are left. She does this by call and response as she does the 2nd verse which I don’t know and isn’t even chanted in Mysore.

The comfort zone is being stretched.



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