Lucy day 3 Full vinyasa to aching arms

Lucy started with the Pranayama exercises and some Piriformis exercises.

Today seemed like much harder work, more intense, Lucy constantly looking to see if I was doing what she had told me the previous 2 days, engraining new habits. Also picking up on new things like my feet in the Prasarita’s and suddenly appearing behind me to say “that’s not Utkatasana ”

Some days when you try to be invisible and just do your practice, as you sense from the start it could be a slog, especially as it turns out to be one of the hottest days of the year, are the days when you seem to end up feeling like you stand out like a sore thumb and are getting picked on! But in this very small numbers environment it’s impossible to hide.

I did manage to get through most of seated on my own apart from Mari A and actually got a “that’s a great little primary series Supta Kurmasana” asI knotted myself up before anyone got a chance.

But Lucy is waiting for me in Gharba Pindasana, making sure my arms go much further through than they usually do, rock round and then making me engage a place I didn’t know I had to keep upright in Kukutasana.

The room usually starts to empty as I’m finishing my primary, the same 3 suspects seem to be last to finish every day, Lucy has less body’s to assist, so the intensity for those still standing increases with more help. There’s no taking it easy towards the end this week it seems, not unless I manage to develop a warp factor speed practice.

Pasasana assist before she suddenly counts me through to Krounchasana, a full vinyasa between all the intermediate postures, Bhekasana and Dhanurasna assist.

At least I got time to play in Urdva Dhanurasana, I’m better if I’ve done it on my own before the intense adjustment starts, my shoulder is really feeling the benefit of Lucy’s shoulder work. A couple of dropbacks on my own before she appears, she’s on a mission to help me find my centre, so has my hands in prayer as I go back rather than overhead, that’s impossible for me to control, so it’s very assisted, but I can see her point as I’m in the middle of the mat when I land without having to readjust once the mat comes in to view.

Handstands again, this time after an assisted one she has me trying to get up on my own, nearly but not quite, she says it’s in my mind, the body is quite capable, it’s a huge leap of faith for my shoulder.

No let up in closing, Sarvangasana pulled higher, before she adds another take on Sirsasana with me balancing on my wrists rather than the floor, it’s getting up in the first place that’s the problem with that version, all in aid of getting the pressure off the crown of my head.

I was tired at the end, more so than the previous two days. Sudden full vinyasas, plus all the extra backbends and handstands are wiping me out. Need more chocolate I think! My arms are still aching.



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