Lucy Scott Day 4 – Parsva Dhanurasana

Warming up

After being out last night it was a struggle to force my eyes open and crawl out of bed at stupid o’clock, the first morning the alarm has shocked me in to life.

It was less humid today, lack of sleep meant I was tired but not as stiff. Lucy began with pranayama adding in the retention.

Another intense practice, Supta K instructed not adjusted as Lucy told me to stretch the legs longer, try and lift the feet, get the shoulders lower before binding. Then instructed through the proper exit via Titibhasana . She did rescue me in Gharba as I got beached.

I’m getting a LOT of help with my small bit of intermediate, Pasasana, especially the first side which is the harder side for me is getting easier with help every day. After Krounchasana Lucy had me doing full vinyasas and assisting each pose to Dhanurasana . Then another full vinyasa and rather than being on my back for Urdva Dhanurasana, suddenly I’m on my front and she’s talking and adjusting me through Parsva Dhanurasana.

Parsva D counted through is a whole new ball game, I’ve often seen people at AYL and in Mysore roll from one side straight to the other, but no, apparently it’s take Dhanurasana, roll right, come back to centre, then roll left before coming back to centre for 5, and Lucy is adjusting between my calves and wrists deepening the bend. That was seriously hard work. Why do new postures appear when a) you are knackered, b) not expecting them?

As Dena told me once, it never gets easier, just longer. This was a loooong practice as I still had the backbends, dropbacks and handstand experiments to come and a no doss closing with instructed Sirsasana, though it tweaked my lower back so I had to come down. Lucy laughed that I don’t like inversions, before doing a brilliant manipulation on my back, apparently my QL is too solid.

By the time I finished the next group were starting to arrive, that was the longest, hardest practice of the week and we still have one more to go. Bring it on, it’s been a brilliant week so far.



2 Responses to “Lucy Scott Day 4 – Parsva Dhanurasana”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time Kev! And will you be able to ‘keep’ parsva dhanurasana at AYL I wonder?!

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