Lucy Scott Day 5- The Uth Plutihi countdown

Yoga Frog

The last day and despite it being Friday Lucy told us to do our full practice, though she told me to stop at Dhanurasana as a nod to tradition. The Pranayama with the retentions at both ends and alternate nostril breathing before it’s time for Samasthitihi .

Reminders to close the fingers in Trikonasana, I still have Starfish fingers, a habit that’s hard to change after all these years. Lucy assisted Prasarita A, rare to get assisted in that one.

Not so much adjustment on the last day, so it felt like it flowed more and my Hamstrings were tortured less šŸ™‚ Mari D entry assisted on the first side, I still have a problem with that side because of my shoulder. Lucy had me sit taller and reach, with assistance it feels ok and easy to bind, I need to experiment and see if it is possible on my own, is my dodgy entry an engrained habit that doesn’t need to be there.

Getting help with the backbends every day has helped a lot and also the different ways it’s been done from what I’m used to at AYL. The dropping back and pushing the arms straight in to the hands of a second adjuster standing behind me, giving a much deeper bend and making my legs work more. I heard Lucy say to C “his arm has lost the kink,it’s straight“, it’s taken 5 days but it’s changing. Cathy needs to train up some Assistants of her own now to be able to carry on Lucy’s work.

Best handstand experiments of the week, she left me to play on my own, while supervising from L’s mat next door, “shoulders forward, look at the spot on the floor“. This has been the highlight of the week in many ways, I wouldn’t have dared try on my own for fear of killing off my left shoulder altogether, but Lucy knew it was strong enough and stable enough and knowing she had me doing it to help rediscover my centre and make dropbacks easier in the long run gave it a purpose. It feels like a breakthrough in confidence in my shoulder, it’s safe to do anything with it provided I take care, the last barrier broken down and to be honest its the first time my fear has been challenged in the last 4 years, but Lucy exudes such a confidence, it’s (relatively) easy to try. It’s one advantage of a mostly at home practice that I will be able to keep playing handstands, though whether the IKEA book case can take another hit if it goes wrong is doubtful.

Each day Lucy has chanted with the few of us left at the end, day 5 was no different, I was just finishing closing, in Uth Plutihi, I had counted 5, Lucy says “we will just wait for Kevin” then instead of waiting she starts to count me through for another count of 20, as the rest watched, I HAD to stay up, at least she counts quicker than Sharath!

I’ve got far more out of this week than I ever expected, lots of little things I hope I manage to remember when I’m on my mat and the bigger things like being introduced to Parsva Dhanurasana and facing the fear of handstands.

Today is my Birthday, I got a Yoga Frog, how cool is that.



2 Responses to “Lucy Scott Day 5- The Uth Plutihi countdown”

  1. D Says:

    So the extra Uthpluthi count was Lucy’s birthday present to you then! šŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday!!

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