Lucy Scott back in the sticks again – day 1- Technicalities

LM asked me if I’d blogging this week, so for her and anyone else who may be interested I’ll try and write some thoughts each day.

Third time I’ve practiced with Lucy and so glad I took Saturday off and practised in the heat at AYL yesterday. Lucy is like Ganesh, she doesn’t forget, or rather she remembers where I’m up to and what I was and still am struggling with, she gave me Parsva Dhanurasana last time. She didn’t have me doing handstands on day 1 unlike last time, maybe she’s saving that for later in the week.

I like her adjustments and little bits of wisdom, they started in the Surya’s, making me have flat hands and dragging them backwards to facilitate a deeper forward bend. Parsvakonasana hand on the back of the Hip rather than straight out in front.

I ended up doing Mari C and D twice as I’d already done them, then L says she wants to see them, so I repeat them again with her adjusting it. Managed to do Supta K on my own. Lucy sat in front of me as I bent forward in to Baddha Konasana, nod of approval as I can get my knees and head on the floor pretty easily.

Left alone until I got to Pasasana, Salabhasana with a block to make me rotate my thighs in, then Bhekasana, she knows her anatomy, she said the reason my left hand is finding it hard to push down on the foot is because the Glute isn’t loose enough and not the weakness of the previously fractured left shoulder, Lucy manipulated it in some way and suddenly my hand could stay put on the left foot as she told me to lift the chest.

Assisted dropbacks are fun with Lucy, down and up and then the half way thing done really fast, then half way and down on to the top of the head making you engage the legs, that is hard, my legs were shaking, then another deeply assisted dropback and keep walking the hands in before pinging back up.

By now only a couple of us still going, so assisted in closing as well, pushing down on my knees and changing the balance point in Urdva Padmasana, then lowering the legs in Utana. Before she adjusts Sirsasana she makes L do a dropback on her own, before she comes back and tortures my headstand before giving me a nice squash in child’s pose.

A pause in practice as Lucy leads the closing chant so people can get on with their day, I know I wouldn’t get away with short cutting to Savasana, so after the chant I do the rest of the closing postures, the small Paranayama and a blanket has appeared for a 15min Savasana

How Muggle Nurse doesn’t think this counts as exercise is beyond me.

I can’t wait to go to bed and it’s only day 1, but it was definitely a good plan getting a warm AYL practice yesterday. I had two breakfast, one in the cafe as I waited for the Bus to work, then another pain au chocolate and some granola when I got to work, so much for “eat for what you are going to do and not for what you done!”.


2 Responses to “Lucy Scott back in the sticks again – day 1- Technicalities”

  1. Karen Says:

    I love reading about your practice. Bit of a bummer that you had to do Mari D twice though!!!! 😱😆😂

    • globie Says:

      I actually don’t mind the twists, they seem to be my “thing”, first side of “D” is a nuisance getting the left arm around the leg, but once I bind I’m fine.

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