Lucy Scott back in the sticks again- Day 2- more intense

Well Lucy must have just been seeing where everyone was up to yesterday, today was physically much harder. We started with pranayama before it really started with stretching me out in Trikonasana. Mega Louise level squashings in Paschimottanasana and Ardha Badha, before getting me to bind at the wrist in Mari C. It’s a little thing, but it’s all extra work that takes energy. Lucy hasn’t given me (so far) handstands like last time or Ustrasana. Unlike the other students who are doing some intermediate I’m not “split” to some extent, so with doing full primary plus second I’m last to finish and practising with this intensity it’s pretty tiring.

Pasasana, then the adjustments in Bhekasana again,so I asked Lucy what I can do for Bhekasana when I’m home alone, so she showed me a kind of half Bhekasana where you twist over, a kind of cross between Bhekasana and Parsva Dhan.

All that and backbends still to go, Urdva Dhanurasana tag team adjustments, Lucy wouldn’t let me hold C’s ankles, she said I don’t work hard enough like that, so she made C place her feet just to stop my hands sliding backwards, then had me pushing up while she pulled from the front. Those were very intense backbends. It’s case of going with it, no choice but to submit.

The UD’s annoyed that thing in my side that goes round to the front of the top of the hip. Lucy said it’s the Psoas and it needs releasing, so she starts pressing in to it. I’ll ask the massage therapist about it on Saturday.

By the time I got to dropbacks I was almost toast , I did manage two dropbacks on my own before Lucy comes over and does all the half ways and dropbacks. Lucy’s dropback assist is really good, you feel totally safe and able to let go as you go back, even if she is demanding your legs do the work.

She let me get through closing before we did the closing chant. Having a half hour break before the second bunch arrive means there’s no rush and I can get a 10 minute Savasana.

It took 2 croissants and a bacon sandwich to refuel !


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