Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 3- just when it was going well!

Slightly different format today, we began with pranayama and some warm up stretches for the shoulders, before Lucy led us through the standing postures to Parsvottanasana . I find led mentally challenging, I prefer to be in my own little world plodding through,rather than moving to an external instruction. Super assists again as we went through, she has a habit of putting pressure in exactly the right places so you feel supported and safe. In the first Prasarita she had us put our hands flat further forward than usual and then come right up on to the toes in the preparation for Handstand, putting weight through the hands and arms.

It’s nice to be let loose, though it takes me a while to find my space and rhythm, it’s a great environment to learn but it can be distracting at times as the external overwhelms the internal.

At Mari D Lucy has me hugging my knee, my usual first side entry method of lift up and force the left arm around the knee, which compensates for the left side shoulder tightness needs to be changed, with her help I manage to stay flat and get the bind, but without the assistance my shoulder is way too tight to get far enough around the knee. Though I’m really surprised when she says the left side is more muscly.

The next section is my favourite part of primary, Bhuja though I screwed up the exit, Supta K is playtime, I love squirming in to that, Gharba isn’t the torture it used to be and Baddha Konasana has become easy, especially when you get adjusted in it twice ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy seemed to be on a straight leg mission, I can’t remember the last time anyone assisted Supta Padang, though it felt good.

Tag team Pasasana , then a super assist in both the Bhekasana limber and the proper posture from Cathy, this “Lucy limber” has made Bhekasana feel more comfortable and doable.

It was going so well, I had done Dhanurasana on my own and was about to vinyasa to Parsva D, but assistance arrives complete with a Bolster, L has the Bolster under my hips as I go again, this time with her telling me to push the legs and point the feet upwards, but I can’t, there’s nowhere to go, I feel stuck and then suddenly the wheels painfully come off as L pushes down a little the %#^%# thing in my back goes! Shit that hurt.

No blame, I’ve never had a problem in that posture and was more than happy going with the adjustment, usually I’m aware if it starts to be there, but this was sudden, it just let go. I’m aware of the “thing” but it’s never an issue in the intermediate postures, in fact if it is tight, they are the postures that really help. So I explain about last years trapped nerve, she says I should have mentioned it before, but since the Physio it’s not been an issue, I manage it pretty well when I feel my side getting tight. And to be honest I don’t like to start listing a litany of injury as I hear others do.

Lucy’s magic hands release the pain after a couple of minutes and we do Dhanurasana again, it feels ok. She tells me to then leave it and go in to shoulderstand, reappearing with blankets, I lay down with a Bolster under my knees as Lucy uses her hand to “listen” to my back. T12 where the Rib attaches seems to be slightly skew wif and after a while it feels like bubbles popping as everything releases.

She knows her stuff, she’s an amazing teacher with a deep understanding of how the body works or doesn’t in my case.

The left side catalogue of nuisance emanates from the 4 shoulder surgeries which have made everything tight the whole way down that side of my back. Also not helped by the operation on the left side of the Pelvis to harvest the bone to fill in the gap in my shoulder fracture.

The other issue is L says I strive too much, I want it too much and I plough headlong through my practice when I should take it more gently and not be forcing, grasping to get the bind or the backbend. Well it’s true, I’ve worked bloody hard since the last surgery in 2014 to get my practice back, the surgeon said my left arm wouldn’t be able to lift high enough to comb my hair let alone bind Marichy D. Without the striving I wouldn’t have got back 50% of the mobility I now have, I wouldn’t be working again, all be it part time.

Lucy said yoga should be enjoyable, I agree, but for me the unbounded joy comes from the fun stuff, Supta K and backbends, the first one I’ve cracked, but the 2nd I’m definitely striving and working hard for, but perhaps too hard. Part of the practice for me is feeling like I’m working towards something, for something. Last year when I was just going to Bhekasana, just doing the practice and going home I told Louise that I wasn’t enjoying it and felt I wasn’t getting anything out of my practice, I could just do it on auto pilot. She started me working the legs so much harder in backbends and eventually promoted me to Dhanurasana. Working towards something, however trivial it may seem made me engage again, I don’t want to go back to just doing it.


One Response to “Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 3- just when it was going well!”

  1. V Says:

    How about putting the effort in but detaching yourself from expectations? Gita, and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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