Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 4 – better than expected with a Dwi Pada bonus

Day 4 went better than expected after painful Dhanurasana disaster Wednesday.i was so stiff when I got up I seriously wondered about going. Lucy started with simple hip type openers, which also seemed to get in to the lower back and warm us up.

Starting to practice was torturous , I was still really stiff after yesterday’s issue in my lower back, I could barely touch the floor in Surya A, but after a few I got my hands flat and it started to feel better. Super assist in Padangusthasana , it’s like she suddenly creates space for the body to move in to. In Prasarita D L showed me where to align my leg, apparently it gets in to a weird place by itself!

Paschimottanasana was hard even with a light assist. I stepped forward on most of the vinyasas so I didn’t jar my back, though jumping back was ok. No way was I getting in to Mari D on the first side without help or reverting to my usual lift up and around method, help was elsewhere so back to the usual method, think I just about got away with it 😉

Supta K took a little while to get in to, it’s a deep forward bend and my back needed time, I got bound and as I was exiting Lucy arrives and after Titibhasana completely surprises me by getting me in to sitting up Dwi Pada, showing me where to hold the foot to get it in place. Years ago a teacher “put” me in to it, but this was completely different, it actually felt comfortable, Lucy was supporting me as my hands went in to prayer. I’ve never thought to try it, but I’ll try to add it in now. It’s fun surprises like that which give the joy to practice.

I had to slow down a lot today to keep my back comfortable, Lucy reminding me about Bandha to support the back. I thought about stopping after primary and heading for closing, but it’s a bit like falling off a bike and needing to get back on ASAP so I did my bit of intermediate, glad I did, nice assists in Pasasana and Bhekasana seems to be the theme of the week, especially the great assists in that and a way of accessing it in a new way.

I was a bit apprehensive about Urdva Dhanurasana, scared of jamming my back, not to mention with my slow pace today time was getting on, eventually after playing around in Bridge I managed some ok UD’s, even managing to walk the hands in. I thought I was done but there was Lucy getting me up again with a fab assist, I’m amazed at her ability to make me relax and just do it, to divert my brain from the potential pain and find a degree of comfort in a challenging posture. I decided to abandon dropbacks, I didn’t want to push it, but that’s another Bike I need to get back on ASAP. Tomorrow is another day

No work today, so a no rush Savasana, it’s nice to be able to take time.


3 Responses to “Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 4 – better than expected with a Dwi Pada bonus”

  1. Laura McGovern Says:

    Just seen you’ve been blogging the week Kev. V interesting journey you’ve had! Good luck with the back tomorrow. Laura xox

  2. susiegb Says:

    Been lovely following your ‘adventures’ with Lucy, Kev! Sorry about the back problems, but it certainly sounds like you’re in the best space – mentally and physically! – to deal with / recover from that! I’m having to pull back myself as my expectations were once again too high! Keep reminding myself that ‘slowly does it’ and the tortoise often wins the race … not, of course, that there is any race involved!!

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