Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 5 – best practice


Thanks to those who have been following along, Laura, Martin, Jayne, our last morning with Lucy, it’s been an amazing week, a great group of yogis sharing the energy.

The 6am crew

Back with the (my) program today. We began with pranayama , breath extension and alternate nostril breathing, though a slightly different pattern to the way H taught us at AYL, so my brain was getting confused at 6am about which nostril to plug.

Nice to just be on our own, without being led, but still with plenty of help. I wasn’t quite as stiff as yesterday, but my back/hip still needs to find a more permanent degree of comfort. Surya’s and vinyasas Lucy was on me for my feet’s propensity to turn inwards, “they should be flat” so it doesn’t go in to my back. Wider stance in Parsvakonasana and hand on hip to help turn the chest.

Purvottanasana flat feet, big toes together, that bloody posture is torture, I’d rather do Navasana with Sharath. Again knees, ie adductor muscles in Tiriang, I like the strong assist in that, it helps my left hip settle.

Supta K on my own again, Lucy was elsewhere, so I thought I’d try at least Eka Pada , I got spotted “and what Re you doing Kevin?” 🙂 over she comes and says right foot first and push the foot so the knee goes diagonally away from the head, before she leans me forward and hooks the foot behind the head. This definitely feels more doable, even if it’s years since I actually thought about doing it.

Pasasana on my own, but help in Krounchasana, I need to stop leaning back so much on the second side, hamstring killer. Bhekasana limbers and the final posture assisted by Cathy, before Lucy arrives for Dhanurasana, no Bolster today, but a super deep assist, lifting the chest and the feet without any pain.

I played around with Bridge, then got assisted in various versions of Urdva Dhanurasana , on the mat, on blocks and stretched over the wheel by Lucy, I’m glad I’ve got one at home as I knew what to expect, but rolling over it with mega deep assistance is a different ball game to rolling over it home alone.

The wheel definitely helped to open my upper back, I stood up and just started to hang back to see how it was, lovely no pressure in my back, so L has me go back with straight arms to the wall and stay , then we do full dropbacks, back on the bike without any discomfort. Closing chant, then Lucy comes back to squash me before I do the rest of closing.

At the start Lucy had said day 5 is the downhill, take it easy (er) day, but it felt like the strongest, most consistent, flowing, joined up practice of the week. A good one to finish on. I’ll take a lot from this week, it’s been hard work, I hope I can take at least some of it in to my usual practice.


The 9am crew, we warmed the room up for them.

I’ll sleep well tonight, massage tomorrow and moon day on Sunday. Phew I need a rest


3 Responses to “Lucy Scott in the sticks again – day 5 – best practice”

  1. Laura McGovern Says:

    A great week! You definitely warmed the room up for us each day…. enjoy the rest, I sure will… ✌🏻

  2. Neeraj Rana Says:

    Nice. You enjoyed a lot during your yoga journey. I also had same experience when I Was learning yoga and meditation from Chandra yoga international. I have done yoga teacher training from Chandra yoga.

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