Knowledge is a rumour!

“Knowledge is a rumour” was one of the first things Lucy told us this morning, our first morning of practice at her Barn in deepest Cornwall. It’s a rumour until it becomes a fact, when you body knows and feels it to be true.

“Asana” she said, is the relationship between your body, space and the ground.

The practice room is compact and cosy, you could probably get 8 mats in there, but 5 of us seems a perfect number, room to move, space for the fun poses without having to worry about what the neighbours are doing.

Her memory of people body’s is amazing and with so few students she is able to work more on those places where we have pain, restrictions , tightness. My “thing” in the left side of my lower back that drives me nuts, she’s on a mission that began in Padahastasana trying to get me to think of spreading the sacrum and Illium to give length and space in my lower back, followed by Trikonasana to level up my hips. As she adjusts she explains why she’s doing something, I had no idea my hips are so un level, maybe L sees it and corrects it as she adjusts it on a Sunday, but nobody has ever actually told me.

Out of the 5 of us, 2 people were new to Lucy, she watched them more than adjusted, which meant the 3 of us she has worked with before got a LOT of attention, must have been why her husband shouted out “good luck” as we ascended the stairs! As Lucy said developing trust between a teacher and student takes time, to be confident in going with an adjustment, rather than tense against it, Lucy’s adjustments can be deeeeeeep, but like with Louise I trust Lucy implicitly.

With so much physical help and verbal advice and instruction I find it hard to keep the flow and my mind is more active trying to take in what she tells me, I’m not in my own fuzzy zone of plodding through in relative silence contemplating croissants, oh and there’s no Pret in Penzance by the way. 😦

I knew she would be on me again for my lift up Marichy D entry on the first side, she wants my bum to stay on the floor, once I’m bound I can lower down anyway, but my left shoulder finds it impossible to get round the knee without lifting. Supta K is always fun, I heard Lucy say something about “this is a nice posture” without realising she was referring to me as she lifted my feet for the Titibhasana exit, then counted me in to Bakhasana, I almost made the count until my legs slid off, but someone clapped!

I was putting a half thick block under my heals for Pasasana, I usually roll up my mat a-la AYL, but she said the block was too high, so Lucy rolled up my mat saying that was half the thickness of the block. Back to Plan A tomorrow.

Dhanurasana is where my back painfully gave in back in February when I last practised with Lucy, she remembered and had me do it 3 times, twice with a bolster, first under my legs, then under my Ribs and then a proper one on the floor. Parsva D and Ustrasana left alone, though she was pleased I had been given these last 2, Ustrasana is still quite new, but I can feel it helping my upper back.

The niggling thing painfully returned for Urdva Dhanurasana, even after Lucy had warmed me up over a long stool. She says the “thing”, whatever it is should have gone by now and has recommended a local Chiropractor whom is said to do amazing things. I think being on a bus for 8 hours didn’t help, I was generally stiff,so hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

The shape of the Barn roof means you can push your toes in to the wooden ceiling in headstand!


3 Responses to “Knowledge is a rumour!”

  1. Jayne Says:

    Excited to hear how the week unfolds 🙂

  2. susiegb Says:

    Me too!

  3. Laura Says:

    Me three!! Sounds amazing “good luck” today too 🙂

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