At The Bluewater Barn with Lucy Scott – Day 2


Lucy began today with what ended up being a long talk and discussion about the 8 limbs starting with Ahimsa in the Yamas. It’s a wide subject encompassing non violence to others, which really begins with non violence to ourselves and leads in to vegetarianism etc. she then moved on to the 2nd Yama, Satya, Truth, being true to ourselves in the practice, true to others off the mat, but also learning when to know that telling a truth to another may be harmful.

Following the talk it was time to practice, which turned out to be a very long practice. Padahastasana again being told to spread my sacrum to give my lower back space, but how do you “spread” your sacrum, you kind of send the message more in hope than expectation, then Lucy comes along and adjusts and suddenly from somewhere there is space and movement.

The practice is long because at Lucy Land she has extra curricular ways of opening you up! In UHP she has my foot on the window sill like in a ballet class, I had no idea my leg could get that high.

When 5 is a perfect number

She makes me repeat Paschimottanasana so she can adjust it and the same with Mari C, then again the first side of D to stop my bum raising, lifting, twisting binding manoeuvre. There is no way I could bind fully sitting without help on the first side.
Supta K assist today, though she leaves me to exit without raising my feet, I’m so used to a teacher lifting my feet it took a few seconds to realise she had gone and that she expected me to do it on my own, Titibhasana was ok but lost, crashed the Bakhasana today.

For those who can do Gharba she makes you get the arms way further through with the aid of washing up liquid in the water spray bottle, zip zip and your hands easily reach your head. Makes me laugh when I remember a Russian girl who used to have a quick swig of water from the bottle in Gharba, now that would be funny!

My little bit of 2nd series has never had this much attention. Pasasana and Krounchasana, though Krounch is still a bit difficult on the 2nd side with the knee issue. Salabhasana on my own, then assisted Bhekasana over a Bolster to make the chest lift, followed by 3 goes at Dhanurasana over the Bolster at legs and ribs level and finally on the mat. It’s no wonder it’s a long practice, though at Lucy Land there is no rush, there is no 2nd group waiting for the spaces. Parsva Dhanuarasana and Ustrasana on my own, suddenly rolling over on to the second side of Parsva has got easier, having lateral space does help.

My back thing was happier today, Urdva Dhanuarasana alone before Lucy adds in a new opener, wheel on top of stool, the wheel is blocked to stop it moving, first she presses down on my legs, then has me interlock my thumbs over head and stretches me over the wheel. Then she removes the stool and it’s Kapotasana over the wheel, though my left hand has trouble reaching to grip, so I’m a bit uneven, but it works. Just when you think it’s over she takes the wheel away and has you do a other UD, which suddenly feels much deeper and more comfortable than the first one.

Closing was um, how can I put this, um “interesting”, it was fine until I got to headstand, where I tried to repeat what she had me do yesterday, which was to go up and use the slope of the ceiling, pushing with my toes. Well up I went and whoooomph over I flew straight in to the wooden window blinds, breaking 3 with somehow not managing to go through the glass window or shred my foot, just when you think it’s going well.

I didn’t know my foot could get that high! UHP

Apart from the headstand mishap it had been a nice practice. Lucy insists on everyone taking a decent rest, none of this 5mins and outta there, so when we finally came out of our cocoon blankets it was 2pm. I had no idea just how long practice had taken.

Lovely unexpected trip to St Michaels Mount.

I’d had a plan to visit Lands End on the open top bus today after practice, but the late finish and rainy weather made me abandon that plan. Instead I was wandering vaguely towards town when Gemma , one of the 5 yogis pulled up and asked if I wanted a lift anywhere, as we headed in to town she suggested she drop me at Marazion so I could visit St Michaels Mount. Thanks Gemma that was a wonderful plan and I spent a lovely afternoon having lunch and exploring the castle, making sure to cross back over the causeway to the mainland before the tide came in.



4 Responses to “At The Bluewater Barn with Lucy Scott – Day 2”

  1. Laura McGovern Says:

    Wow! Sounds intense. I’m surprised you made it to the castle! Enjoy day 3 hope it’s a wonderful it a wicked Wednesday:)

  2. Gemma Says:

    Lovely to read your blog Kevin, an insightful and fun memory of the week to reflect upon. Was great to meet you and share a week of Yoga together in such a beautiful space.

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