At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 3 Wicked Wednesday!


At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 3 Wicked Wednesday!

Ha ha wicked Wednesday, the half way point. At least I get to play with Lucy’s lovely Siamese cats before we head upstairs. It’s another day of Yamas beginning with Asteya-non stealing. Usually in Yoga we think of non stealing in the literal term of taking something from someone else or perhaps stealing or adding a posture that we haven’t been given. But Lucy took a deeper meaning of why we would steal, in that it comes from an emptiness within, of insecurity, of not being good enough. Not being kind to ourselves.

Lucy talked about Raga, being the clinging to pleasurable experiences, not accepting that one day you may be able to do a posture (relatively) easily and some days it’s not happening. Dvesa, the aversion or avoidance of suffering. She described Brahmacharya as the right use of energy, to use energy to try and get closer to Brahma or god.

Aprarigraha – Non hoarding, not taking or having too much that another person may need. In a yoga context doing the actions or asana without being attached to the result, do the practice, it is what it is.

Paranamavada – Everything in the universe is in a constant state of flux.

Before we began the physical practice Lucy led a kind of somatic meditation, listening to the cells in our body, trying to imagine the fluid moving through the spine from it’s reservoir near the sacrum. This is new for me at least and is a different kind of Dharana practice to any I’ve done before.

Practice was one of those days, my body was tighter than yesterday and felt heavy, on a day when I was hoping to plod through Lucy suddenly wanted my practice to be more dynamic, jumping instead of stepping, thud…no Bandha , no sense of lightness. She is giving my left arm a wonderful stretching every day in Trikonasana, working around my shoulder to help the stuckness.

All the Marichyasana poses got assisted today, not that it ever feels too much with Lucy, finding my wrist in C and D is not something that happens often, but it appears that when it doesn’t happen it’s because the arm that goes round the knee isn’t high enough on the leg.

Supta K first go on my own bound and ok exit, just when you think you are safe to move on it’s “Kevin do that again from Sapta“, as in don’t spend time forward bending and wriggling before sitting down, but jump the legs round the arms and go down, “Ashto” do the pose, um ye right in my dreams, so I’m in it and she’s laughing about it being my favourite pose, well ye ok I do enjoy it, so now it’s time to exit, lift up in to Titibhasana , but instead of attempting to move one leg at a time in to Bakhasana she wants me to do both legs at the same time, this is harder mentally than physically, brain won’t compute, computer says no. But when I don’t have to do the thinking, ie when Lucy instructs me to do it, suddenly I can do it, she’s taken over my minds control of my body. It certainly adds an extra fun dimension to Supta K.

Apart from Pasasana and having me use a block for Krounchasana, less 2nd series assistance today, still doing Dhanurasana three times with the bolster.

I managed a quick 5 Urdva Dhanurasana before I catch the stool and wheel come in to view. If I can get the wheel in the right place it feels nice, though I need to come up really slowly. Then another version with the bolster on the stool and a really deeply assisted backbend trying to ground the feet and hands in an Urdva Dhanurasana. Man did I need that squashing!

Closing without mishaps, probably because I didn’t actually do Sirsasana. One point she made was that Guruji used to make them lay down, but still engaging the body before rising up in to shoulderstand, it makes a difference, but this seems to be missing now from the way practice is now taught. However long the practice and however late we finish, Lucy insists on us taking a good Savasana.

The weather was dire today, I was hoping for some of last weeks sunshine, but it’s not to be. No sightseeing today, instead a wicked Wednesday sports therapy massage. With luck a flying Thursday.



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  1. Laura McGovern Says:

    Sounds great…here’s to a flying Thursday !

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