At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 4 Flying Thursday


Something different today, instead of philosophy Lucy started with talking to us about Sacral cranial “Midlines”, she touched on it the other day in the short Dharana, but today she expanded on it. How all the Midlines are encased and enclose each other.

1st Midline is the Quantum or yogic midline, akin to Shushumna. Guruji said no weight in the head in headstand until the end of 2nd series, until this nadi is clear and can take the pressure.

2nd Midline is the Embryological or Primal midline, the fountain spray of life. Both of the first 2 Midlines are ever present.

3rd Midline is the CNS midline – the brain and spinal cord, supported by spinal fluid which is renewed every day.

4th Midline is the spine and the cranium. There to support, nourish and protect.

I have to admit I find this quite hard to get my head round, but it’s a fascinating way to think of the body in terms more than skin, blood and bone.

We then did a short Pranayama extending the breath from a 5 count inhale and exhale to 10, I find exhaling much easier to regulate, but it’s a nice way to bring energy in to the body after sitting for a while.


My practice has definitely come along this week, my lazy postures are being spotted. As well as the extra curricular stuff Lucy is tidying up my postures, every day another little layer of work has been added. Today it’s jumping up and back in the vinyasas rather than stepping. Having me work much harder in the Marichyasana’s, not only how I enter them to make them deeper, but today Lucy started me on trying to jump back out of them, rather than untangle my legs before I jump back. She said it will help to even up my shoulders and make me engage Bandha more. All these little extras that perhaps I should have already been doing add up to quite a lot of extra work.

Pasasana has definitely improved this week, especially the first side where I’ve gone from on a good day being able to grab one finger and hang on, to today finding 3 fingers and finding some lift in my calf muscles. She had me do all the Marichyasana’s and Pasasana on my own today, then had me do all of them again with her assisting. The 2nd series help has been so good, Dhanurasana and Ustrasana today, much deeper with her assists. And just when I think Ustrasana is my last pose, she says “do Laghu Vajrasana”. She did deeply assist it to allow me to go all the way back. But I was truly a spent force after that.

(Photo Laura) stool and wheel combo.

Of course all that was followed by the backbends, UD off the floor, over wheels, over wheels on stools, but it does open the upper back so that when you eventually do another UD off the ground it feels a lot easier.

That’s 4 days gone already, one more to go. If I can remember half of this once I’m back to home alone practice. I can’t remember ever learning so much about the practice I already thought I had.

Alas the weather is abysmal, it’s been raining solidly for 2 days, though I did manage to have a rainy wander around Mousehole.



One Response to “At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 4 Flying Thursday”

  1. Laura Says:

    Sounds like a lot of good work! Am loving the wheel / stool 🙂

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