At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 5 Finishing Friday


Last day of a fab week with Lucy. We started once Bijou the Siamese cat had vacated my mat, cats always seem to know which human will be willing to play, belly rub and generally make them purr.

Today was the pinnacle for me, a few days have been a struggle, today was the longest, hardest, but also the strongest, bindiest (is that a word?) and bendiest.

I had asked Lucy a question about the dizziness I get when I come up from Prasarita C, having to wait for the world to stop moving before I can move on. She deduced that for me, it’s a combo of low blood pressure and the neck crushing tendency I have on the left side, a protective pattern I have introduced since the accident, so particularly when I’m adjusted in C the left shoulder is higher cutting off blood flow. The answer is thinking of spreading the shoulders more and even while being adjusted to think of sending the shoulders downwards. She then had us do some really interesting exercises with the clavicle bones to show us how they move when we do different movements. Anatomy taught like this is fascinating.

We have done so much this week, some of it aimed at all of us, but mostly it’s been individual assessment and assistance to help each particular body in the room. I need to write down a list of the postures,then try and remember what Lucy has told me about each one, because I have no doubt when I see her in August she will be looking at how I’ve got on.

We did 2 lots of Pranayama , the extending the breath and then the alternate nostril breathing, though alternating the side on each breath, rather than the 5 one side, then swap as H taught us.

And on to practice, more reminders to spread my non spreading sacrum. Wider stance in Parsva B, though it makes me feel unstable. Then when I get to Prasarita C a fantastic adjustment trying to iron out the dizzy ness inducing tendencies of neck scrunching and left shoulder hunching and protecting. A deeper squat in Utkatasana .

The Marichyasana’s have all got deeper this week, finding space in the twist before going for the bind, doing them on my own then repeating them with assistance, it’s physically hard, with all the repeating of postures, it’s like doing 1 & 1/2 practices.

Supta K Lucy waited for me to get bound on my own, then bound my foot cross tighter and got me up in to Dwi Pada, then Titibhasana and Bakhasana , phew wheeh, Gemma opposite actually clapped, not a phenomenon I get at AYL or from the Peanut Gallery at the local Shala!

Garbha I’d got my arms through far enough to keep them on my head as Lucy spun me around, telling me to keep my hands on my head, don’t let go!

Supta Padang, as with UHP I need to keep the stretched leg straighter.

My bum balance entry method no longer comes up to Lucy’s expectations, so it’s lay down flat then come up and over with straight legs, find the toes or feet, inhale up, point toes.

A few of Lucy’s additions I can do at home, get away with at the local Shala, but AYL doesn’t have a toy cupboard and will be the true test of what benefit the playing around has brought to those postures. Salabhasana with a block, Bhekasana and Dhanurasana with the bolster.

Today’s lesson in Parsva Dhanurasana, trying to counter intuitively straighten the legs to get a better bend. Lucy like Dena is technically excellent, helping you find ways of doing postures that you would think are the complete opposite of what you need to do.

Ustrasana my feet are coming in too much and touching, they need to stay hip width as do the hips which have the opposite tendency to the feet and like to spread as I go back. 3 goes at Ustrasana later and it’s time for her new Laghu Vaj addition. Like yesterday I tried on my own then Lucy took me to the floor and back, as I got back to the top she had to tell me to breathe!

It’s at points like that where I usually stop for a few breaths, but Lucy said I need to do the Vinyasa, even if it’s slow, but to keep moving.

The one surprise this week has been backbends, all about Urdva Dhanurasana and not a dropback all week, though after all the extra UD work that included using the window sill today I’m spent, I don’t think my legs would be capable of controlling a dropback after all that.

Only 2 of us still going by this point, Lucy assists my final closing postures and produces one final miracle, in Baddha Padmasana somehow she manages to get me to grab both sets of toes at the same time, I’ve never come close to that before.

Savasana isn’t hurried, after a very long physical practice, over 2.5hrs, Lucy talks us in to relaxation then brings us back to the present to chant one final time, I still can’t remember verse two, well apart from the 3rd line “Loksha Kalyana samriri rasdu”.

What a great week, so much assistance and information, so much to work on. We all struggled with something and came through together, we all had little break throughs. We all left smiling and happy, I just hope someone in next weeks group is another buddy for Bijou the cat.


2 Responses to “At The Bluebarn with Lucy Scott- Day 5 Finishing Friday”

  1. Laura McGovern Says:

    Haha ” one final miracle”. sounds like a wonderful week.

    • globie Says:

      Was a great week, August will be fun. Back to normal at AYL this morning, trying to remember as much of Lucy’s advice as I could

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