Utrecht day 1 – can’t you jump in to Bhujapidasana?

Yoga Moves

This was a very spontaneous and unexpected trip across to Holland. I didn’t know it was happening until Monday night and by 9pm Tuesday I’d flown to Amsterdam, got a train to Utrecht and finally met up with my NY yoga friend and blogger Suzanne. A very late night chatting.

Wednesday dawns, well the alarm went off, luckily not too early as we have a start time of 7;45-8:00, so time for a shower and tea before the 5 minute walk to Yoga Moves Shala, where one of the 2 UK certified teachers Philippa Asher is teaching a Mysore week.

I hadn’t practised with Philippa since before I broke my arm, but we had met in Mysore since then.

A slow plod practice after 3 days off. I expected to be stiffer, but it was easier than I expected. Wider feet in the standing side bends, a very gentle PPC assist. Seated lots of information, verbal cues like pressing and demos, lifting up on the knuckles to get the right foot position for Janu C, press the foot down in the Marichy’s.

I get to Bhuja, step my hands around my legs and go in to it as usual. Philippa asks why I don’t jump in to it? Then proceeds to show me, starting with having not jumping forward with parallel feet from DD, instead kind of be on the toes with the bases of the heals together in a “V” and jump around the legs, which in theory ends up with you being in the right place to cross the feet.

Pasasana I roll up the start of my mat as usual and I can hear “no, no, no, we work with work we’ve got”, I had forgotten quite how “traditional” Philippa can be. Instead she had me take the foot of the go around side forward slightly, this could take some work, wobble wobble!

Urdva Dhanurasana she’s telling me to take my time more,mi thought I took long enough already, but nope, after doing it on my own she has me do the pressing on to her feet version, before I stand up for dropbacks. Sometimes you can use instructions being given to someone else, who was being told to only go for the mat when she could see it, landed phew without crashing it. Then Philippa has me doing long hang backs with hands in prayer, trying to keep the legs straight, that’s HARD,


As expected I was one of the last to finish, but luckily there’s no class straight after so Savasana can take as long as I want, only briefly interrupted as the 2 of us still in the room did the closing chant with P. But a better practice than I expected after 3 days off and travelling, lugging a rucksack.


A big part of coming here was to hang out and explore with Suzanne, she had already found a nice cafe for breakfast before we explored the city on a sunny day, we walked a lot of miles, taking photos of the architecture.

A big shout out to Cindy for her blog post about the Ashtanga tribe.


2 Responses to “Utrecht day 1 – can’t you jump in to Bhujapidasana?”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Ha, thank you very much for the shout out 🙂 And for blogging from Holland of course!

  2. Iris Says:

    Oh my! You are in the space where I learned ashtanga. So great!

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