Sharath influx

Sharath is coming to London this week, I decided not to take part this time, partly because of the horrendously expensive peak train fares on the week days and also because we don't actually have trains early enough to get there on the weekend days. Then there's the question of what I would actually get out of a week of led primary with 150 other people. I've done lots of led classes with Sharath, in London and in Mysore. I get that it's about the count and the amazing energy in the room and Sharath himself, who has a wicked sense of humour.

London is the last stop on his European tour and not only attracts U.K. based Ashtangi's, but also many from abroad. The visitors have arrived, I walked in to AYL yesterday, the shoe rack was overflowing, both the main room and the Finishing/Starting room were full, so J and I sat on the shoe rack to wait. That's the first time in 7 years of going to AYL on a Sunday that I've had to wait to even start in the Finishing room.

After 10mins or so and some shunting up, space closing of mats in both rooms J and I started, the visitors unaware of the system or not realising L had called "one more" and it was their turn to move next door, had to be prompted to move.

I ended up next to an Italian girl in the main room, Sharath is going to be an experience for her, I wonder if she will survive, she seemed to have only the vaguest idea of the standing sequence going from Prasarita D via a vinyasa to Upavistha Konasana and missing out everything inbetween. I truly hope she has an amazing experience, Sharath always seems more lenient with the primary people, not stopping them as he would in Mysore.

Usually I'm in my own little world plodding through in the one mat wide section, but it was quite distracting and I was quite glad when L told Miss Italy to take her mat and water bottle and do closing. I shunted in to her spot away from the radiator and found my rhythm. The one mat wide section means you tend to get left alone, more time for experimenting with Philippa's straight leg hang back backbends before L came over for assisted.

Weirdly the Finishing room was nearly empty, my favourite spot near the window was free, so closing, sitting and Savasana in the sunshine.


AYL's magazine finally arrived, Pushpam #3 on Dukha, suffering. The cover is a stunning black image of Ganesh, though on a lighter note there is a brilliant Boonchu cartoon of the cult of the yoga asana selfie.


2 Responses to “Sharath influx”

  1. Cindy Says:

    So your yoga studio has its own magazine? Wow 🙂

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