The Bulge, the pop, the Hip, the crack

The bulging disc in my spine, the excruciatingly painful pop in my back, the stuck unhappy Hip, I finally gave up and went to get cracked by Karen the Osteopath.

I had assumed that the bulging disc was mostly to blame for all my other woes, but no, apparently what I have is a bone spur, which although annoying in Garbha Pindasana and anything else where I'm on my back isn't actually pressing on anything or doing anything detrimental, just need to keep an eye on it.

She also noticed that my T11, T12, L1 and L2 section moved as a lump, not individually, but as usual after asking me to bend backwards and seeing how far I can go, even when I'm not trying to drop back (I was tempted 🙂 ) she's like "and your complaining!". She also tested my hip flexors and was quite surprised how open a 53 year old hip can be, thank you Baddha Konasana.

So what is the problem with the pop and the hip, well it seems a few little things have come together, my 12th rib wasn't located in the right place, there is slight injury to the cartilage in my rib causing the popping on the exit from Supta Kurmasana, the deepest forward bend in primary. After a good cracking things are back in place, but rib cartilages can take quite a few months to heal. This type of rib cartilage injury she told me is caused by impact or going beyond the comfortable range of motion, well there's been no impact so I'm pretty sure it was the extra work I was doing in Supta K and its proper exit down in Cornwall, as I'm pretty sure the popping pain started soon after.

Supta K will now only get an outing at AYL where it's hot, I'm more open and flexible and the assistance in that posture doesn't involve being sat on.

The hip and lower back issue is caused by 2 elements, firstly the short distance between the top of my pelvis and the lowest ribs, so the muscles are strong, but very short and on the left side unable any more to compensate for what I'm doing higher up to compensate for the shoulder fracture and surgery of the last few years.

Secondly where the surgeon harvested bone from the top of my pelvis for the bone graft it left scar tissue and as I wasn't allowed to do much for nearly 6 months, even the tissue that healed in place has got stuck.

So now I know, the thing you can see and feel and worry is going to be a huge problem turns out to be no issue at all, but the tiny things you can't see and didn't know existed are the big issue. It's been 3 weeks of trips to Karen, week one she worked on the muscles of my back, week 2 she went to work on all the joints, finding the errant Rib, week 3 it's been very intense treatment on the hip and pelvis area, working far deeper than any sports massage therapist has ever done, deeply held lumps of scar tissue have been prodded, elbowed, thumbed and battered in to moving and separating.

It hasn't been comfortable, after the first session I literally fell out of bed the next morning I was so stiff. Week 2 wasn't so bad after the joints were realigned and cracked. On the Sunday after I felt like I had so much extra space in my back when Emma assisted my dropbacks and I could really feel the T11-L2 section curve.

It's been an expensive and uncomfortable 3 weeks of treatment while continuing to practice. It turns out the traction stretching I'd been doing was exactly the right thing, weird how the body knows what it wants. I need to keep stretching, avoid the popping, can I get away with missing Supta K out at AYL? Keep using the heat pad, the nasty spiky ball and the Theracane. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.


2 Responses to “The Bulge, the pop, the Hip, the crack”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    As Ahahn Pichest – one of my Thai massage teachers is fond of saying: maybe some karma comes from what you’ve done in a previous life, but most of it comes from what you’ve done in this life!

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