Paddling in the AYL stream

Last weeks Conference concentrated on the meanings hidden within chapter 2 of The Gita, which Hamish managed to para phrase into "how we deal with our own shit", I have nothing but respect for teachers who are able to translate seemingly impenetrable archaic texts in to language I can understand.

This week we had a moon day on a Saturday, so not really a day off above the norm, but it did mean, as I had to be in the city anyway, that I could attend AYL's new moon day meditation and sitting practice with SuYen. A lovely hour of calm before the mania began. I began to sit a couple of years ago after distance learning to sit, thanks to Angela over in An Arbour. I try to sit after practice for a few minutes when I have time, I find I get a much more restful Savasana. But more often than not it doesn't happen.

Practice is becoming more consistent and less painful, particularly in my Hip and lower back since the Osteopath has been doing her work and I replaced my 20 year old Japanese Futon with an actual mattress, it's like sleeping on a bouncy castle compared to the rock hard Futon, but I'm getting used to it, I've stopped waking up worried I'm rolling over the edge.

During the meditation SY said something along the lines that entering the Shala is akin to stepping in to a stream and being taken along on the current of energy, AYL feels like that, it certainly takes less mental if not physical energy to practice there than it does to slog through home alone the rest of the time. I need to have a more consistent rest day, rather than just getting on my mat every day until one day I realize I'm knackered and it's not happening and am forced to rest. I heard someone say to Louise this morning (Sunday) they hoped their practice wouldn't be "that bad" all week. L told her Sunday practice isn't a portent of how the week will be, but is more a measure of how well rested we are on our days off, i.e. Do we rest properly or do we just replace Yoga practice with something else in terms of time and energy?

Elf n safety at work

I realized how true L's comment was, although I usually do practice on Saturdays purely because I have the time, I usually have a day off in the week, when life is more busy. Currently I'm taking Tuesdays off practice, however instead I'm not actually resting as such, but doing a core stability course to assist the osteopaths treatment, targeting what she wants me to work on, so rather than a 2 hour plod through practice I'm doing an hour of fairly intense core work. I did notice Wednesdays dropbacks were some of the most controlled in a long time, but by Friday I was landing on my head, I'd run out of energy long before I got to backbends. Dropping a day to have a proper rest is looking the only option, rather than 6 practice days and a core stability day, not to mention work is getting crazy in the run up towards Christmas.


One Response to “Paddling in the AYL stream”

  1. V Says:

    A WHOLE MONTH of 6 days a week practices. I’m going to die.

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