Byron Bay off the Mat

Practice has fluctuated, some days there's a fluidity in the body in this humidity, some days it's been like wading through treacle, asanas like the backbends I expected would be easier in the heat, but they haven't been, the twists Marichy D and Pasasana have been way better than they are in cold Europe. One day I shocked myself by managing to half bind myself in Baddha Padmasana, left fingers gripping, right fingers touching the toes, I've never been that near, ever! On days when there has been a breeze in the Shala practice has seemed physically easier, when there's no breeze the humid air saps the energy out of me. I also seem to be slower than most people at the 10am and have been last to finish quite often, today Annette was waiting to mop the floor when I dragged myself up from Savasana, though maybe being mopped wouldn't have been so bad.

Torakina beach Brunswick Heads

Off the mat I've really enjoyed being here, I met up with fellow blogger Susie GB and she took me exploring Brunswick Heads.

Can I fit one in my suitcase

I took a wildlife tour and met sleepy, cute Koala's, evil looking flying foxes and the many Kangaroos.

Wategose Beach

I've loved walking along the beaches, Wategose is beautiful, I'm staying near Main beach which has a view of the Lighthouse at sunrise. Finally today I made it to the top of the Lighthouse, stunning views and a really interesting tour, oh and we saw Dolphins.

Minyon Falls is pretty special after a hike through the forest

Sunset drumming circle

So it's not all been about Yoga, despite this being a Mecca for many Ashtanga's and the reason I chose to come here, it's also because it has a lot else going on, lots to see and it's easy to just "be" here. If I had the odd £5million laying around I could quite happily live here.


4 Responses to “Byron Bay off the Mat”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    The thumbnail on the drumming circle is upside down – then I realised: it’s Australia of course. Duh. Thanks for sharing your trip and practice… My birthday this week and my present to self is going dancing.

  2. Laura Says:

    Forgot you’d be blogging, Kev! Great pictures. Practising in the humidity would zap my energy too – you still made it up the lighthouse though!
    See you on the other side šŸ™‚

    • globie Says:

      Today has been overcast with a breeze, so a physically easier practice. Heat is ok, humidity is a killer. Loved the Lighthouse, so pleased it was open for once. See you back in the winter land

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