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Now I have an excuse

March 19, 2018

Now I have an excuse, or a reason at least for not judging dropback landings, crashed one yesterday, and for walking in to glass doors.

I've been struggling reading small print, newspapers etc for quite a while, probably 6 months or more when I think about it, but I've got away with it by reading on my IPad where I can make the text MUCH BiGGER. I was due my bi annual eye test in January, but had put it off to let the concussion settle down. Well last week I had the test and found that the tiny, irrelevant cataract of two years ago now covers a much bigger proportion of my left eye. This explains the vision problems, depth perception, watering eyes and splitting headaches by the end of the day. The constant sensation I had started to have of a misty outlook, that I expected to be able to clear by blinking, but can't.

The deterioration measured by the test is massive, I've gone from -1.5 when i had the glasses made in Mysore in 2011, to -3.5 in 2015 to -7 , which my optician told me isn't really practical to correct with a lens and if she did the lens probably wouldn't last long against the deterioration.

So now I have to make a choice, a 6 month wait for the NHS to get around to treating me and my vision getting worse, or bite the bullet and pay to probably see the same NHS Consultant privately in weeks.

In the mean time I've abandoned buying newspapers, I've got a magnifier for reading the book I'm trying to get through and after that it will be back to the iPad to enlarge everything.


Frustrations and Miracles

March 3, 2018

Since I returned from Dena I've been forced to practice early mornings in the cold just to get a practice. My elderly parents are becoming a lot of work, Mum broke her pelvis while I was away and Dad's dimentia mean I'm running around between the 2 and going to work inbetween. I'm too tired to practice in the evenings which is my usual habit.

Practice happens, I force myself to get up at 5:30 and by 7:15 I'm on closing, although most of the postures come once I'm warmed a little, Urdva Dhanurasana at that time of day is torture, I've lost the ability and flexibility in my upper back to be able to walk my hands in, which in turn assists my dropback attempts. Anyone else have this backbend problem in the cold mornings, what do you do to help it?

On the plus side a miracle seems to have occurred with Baddha Padmasana. I've never ever never been anywhere near binding that, even after the 2011 Sepsis thing when I wasn't much more than a skeleton I couldn't bind that. While I was at Dena's I watched someone get in to Baddha Padmasana by twisting deeply and bending forward, grabbing one side, then bringing arm two around. So I gave it a try and after a few days of trying alternating the first side grab I have managed to bind, ok side one is a good grab and side two is hanging on to a couple of toes, but I was almost in shock when I had both sides.