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Snails pace, स्नेल / स्नैल shabdkosh

May 21, 2018

Following the enforced Yoga hiatus after the cataract operation I finally walked back through the shala door yesterday, 2 weeks earlier than scheduled. Having initially been told 6 weeks, I had my post op check up during the week, everything is good, if still a little bit sore and the incision still needs another month or so to heal. But when I asked the $64 million question the Consultant said I can do anything that isn't a contact, ball or racket sport, i.e anything that has the potential for being whacked in the eye. He said raising blood pressure is ok again now, but no pressure on the head, which means missing out Setu B, most of closing and landing on my head doing dropbacks, but apart from that for a few weeks I'm good to go.

I did a couple of half primary's during the week, trying to decide if it was worth going back to the shala yet, as before stamina is woeful, especially after doing literally nothing for a few weeks, I emailed teacher Louise the night before and said I planned to return. As usual her reply was sensible advice, practice at snails pace, don't get carried along by the heat and energy in the room, don't try and do too much.

There's something about pressing the numbers in to the door code, the warmth hits you and my glasses steam up, it's good to be back, welcome home, someone said later. It feels like that, immediately comfortable, surrounded by friendly faces.

The practice was like slogging through a swamp, I kept having little rests, despite having been desperate to be back in that room, there was a feeling of heaviness and inertia. At Navasana I saw the clock and thought this time last week I was still asleep in bed! Just one more pose then I'll stop, but somehow with the odd little rest I resisted the temptation and got through to the end. Louise watched mostly, just letting me plod through, only the odd assist, Mari C, Baddha Konasana and backbends.

The Sanskrit word for snail is 🐌 🐌 🐌 स्नेल / स्नैल shabdkosh, despite not doing my full practice and only doing the last 3 of closing, grrr I've lost my recently acquired ability to bind Baddha Padmasana, it still took me over two hours, plus an extra long Savasana because I was now so tired, ok I probably did do more than I should have, I could quite easily have gone to sleep in the sunshine filled Finishing Room.

You have to start (again) somewhere, at least this time I'm not returning from a physical injury and all that entails, it's just a case of getting back the stamina and the odd bit of excess I've gained from weeks of sitting in front of the tv drinking tea and hitting the cookie jar.

Being able to read again has come just in time, Pushpam 3.5 is out this week, it's my teacher Louise's journey to India to find god. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive, so I don't know if she found him.